Hate from the tap

April 16, 2017

The worst type of hatred is the variety that is inspired by governments against those who they don’t agree with it or threaten their legitimacy…..that is because usually the hater regards that sort of sentiment as acceptable, safe and even normal….but the only reason why they choose to hate along these lines is because firstly, they don’t have the balls to hate for all the right reasons…secondly they only choose to hate when others higher up gives them the permission to hate.

These haters are cowards…


‘Many people remain quite curious why I don’t seem inclined to say anything harsh against Amos Yee….some have even seen fit to regard this as a form of tacit support for Amos.

But I think these people who form such opinions are very presumptuous….as WHY should I hate? Fact of the matter is…I don’t hate just because everyone seems to think it’s normal or even acceptable to hate…..I don’t ever do that….I have my own mind and beliefs to go the other way.

But I suspect one reason why I don’t wish to hate Amos Yee and instead wish him and his family well is simply because he’s a child…he may be potty mouth…but nonetheless he is a child and should be accorded all the rights benefiting a minor.

If other people want to hate him…go ahead…that is your life….do what makes you happy….only these haters would do well to ask from time to time whether the strong sentiments they choose to display were truly theirs and not someone else’s belief.

The problem as I see it, is too many people seem to be so busy jumping on bandwagons these days…no one seems inclined to ask, why am I doing and saying the things I do…..if they did just that. And only that. Maybe they would discover the real puppet masters who are responsible for their hatred and anger.

This is life….stupid people will always be easily manipulated like remote control toys…that is why they will always be very dangerous to themselves and others…as they are too lazy to think for themselves.’

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