Please save the turtles of the world

April 17, 2017

Look carefully! This is not just another mountain of random garbage – it’s an artistic redention of a giant leatherback turtle fashioned from hundreds of plastic bottles and non bio degradable nick nacks that regularly make their way like silent killers to the food chain of turtles and fishes in the seas.

Both the giant leatherback and Olive Ridley are facing imminent and certain species extinction due to mankind’s callous culture of unmitigated and mindless consumption of plastic.

Soon these great and magnificent animals will certainly go the way of the dodo bird….when will mankind learn?



‘Man will always be a destroyer. He is like a child. He cannot help it as this child is addicted to the narcotic of the profit motive like sweets. That is why I am internally convinced never before in history of mankind has there been such a real and urgent requirement for the rich and influential to subscribe to a code of ethic – a guiding philosophy not only of how best to live without hurting people and planet, but a superior logic where man might perhaps begin to reverse his corrosive lifestyle that is the cause of so many of the problems of our tumultuous age.

If it is not the rich and influential who should rightly lead the masses – then may I ask who else is best predisposed to do so?

There are many people who label me a communist – they say, he was enamoured by Franco’s simplicity towards life as a youth. That is why he takes exceptional pride in living a spartan’s existence…of military utility like a Templar knight.

But how else would one go about the business of convincing the masses that money is meaningless except perhaps for one to dedicate oneself wholly to this way of life to demonstrate to the masses money is chimeric.

The paradox is even I least of all can absolve myself totally from the blame of being associated with the culture of mindless consumption…after all I yearn to own a Honda jet. It is in my sights….and I imagine that sort of corrosive attitude must have rubbed off on so many of you.

After all I am hardly a normal person. When I walk into a room full of frontier men – They all stand up. I can even see the admiration they all have for me….but I say only this.

We need to tone down….above all we need to be grounded to the fundamentals…the basics of life.

If I had the opportunity to do it all again….maybe I would simply say to all of you what I have already Long known – money is not a big deal…it’s really quite meaningless infact. To be perfectly honest with all of you….I really don’t know what the fuss is all about…..I really don’t know.

To me it’s just a big nothing….and that’s the truth.

We simply need to hold on to that reality….it’s nothing.’

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