Simple plantation lunch & why I don’t think it’s good for Kong Hee to spend too much jail time

April 17, 2017

Singapore has two Super duper con men who specialise in faith scams. The first is of course Kong Hee. The second is another who goes by the name of Mr Singh, but for some reason he calls himself Prince. Prince of the nation of what? I dunno. Maybe prince of the princes of rip off land.*

Now the way I see it, it’s very simple – if one con man goes behind bars for too long a time…all it would mean is that one and only con man whose still free will get stronger and bigger and more evil….there would not be any con man competition…competition keeps them actually from growing too fast and being too disruptive.

Who benefits? No one….as more people will get conned with only one as opposed to two con artist.

As for the courts. I really don’t know what’s going on any longer. I am not trying to be malevolent or mischievous….I am so confused that my head actually hurts. After six long years it’s still clear as mud! From my understanding of past precedents. In the vast majority of cases involving appeals, the judges don’t seem to have a problem of nailing it right the first time – usually they are so right the sentences are even increased and rarely ever reduced to discourage appellants who don’t have merit and are just trying to game the system. But in the case of Kong Hee and gang – they have all walked away with significantly reduced sentences in many cases halving their previous sentences.

If I knew organized crime was such a low risk and high pay out career proposition. I would probably dedicate myself to a life of crime from the word go when I was back in Singapore….why study so hard and bother with whole nonsense of going straight as an arrow – when I can get a Korean haircut and hypnotize really wide eyed and dumb people who are more than willing to sell their HDB’s in the name of whatever – while I take their hard earned proceeds to live the life of the rich and famous in LA….Forgive me. To all who I have single handedly lead astray with bad advise. I should not have been so dismissive of leading a criminally inspired life. What a tragic waste!

This is merely a suggestion…perhaps in future judges should declare their allegiance to their respective faiths before presiding over cases involving religion and money….ordinarily…professionally and even anecdotally that should not be necessary at all….but given the unusual outcome along with countless twist and turns that no one seems to be able to understand… I think it’s fair to say consistency and most importantly consensus seems to be lacking to such a grevious extent where many feel that justice has not been done in the Kong Hee and gang trial and that should certainly be a source of concern to the judiciary.

*If for any reason you want to sue me please just drop me a comment. I assure you it will not be published and I will happiest to follow up with my lawyers to see you in court. I am a farmer and I will stand by what I say to be my best understanding of the truth along with always telling it as I see it without fear or favor. Please understand it’s not personal. I just can’t write with a policeman running around my head.

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