The story of a Monster dog called King Kong

April 19, 2017

It’s the same sad story. Owner was a passionate animal lover. It seems he’s especially fond of large and dangerous breeds. Dog since birth has been raised as a one master dog and is devoted to only him and no one else. One day owner suddenly dies of a heart attack. No one else seems to be able to control the Monster dog. Not even the house servants who have muzzled him so tightly blood is dripping from his mouth. Dog is angry, confused and anxious. He hasn’t seen his owner for days. He doesn’t know what is happening. Dog prowls around the neighborhood – one of the Uncle’s insisted the dog has been terrorising everyone….he shouts out, it needs to be put down. The rest cheer him on. Everyone looks to me as they all know I seem to be able to live with exceptional harmony and happiness with all animals….I tell them all in a soft tone please strive to be patient…let us explore what is possible calmly.

Meanwhile no one dares to go out….not even for a walk. To complicate matters none of the deceased servants seem to be able to communicate with the locals. They are all foreigners who no one seems to understand – from what I can make out, they seem to converse in only a curious variant of Francaise that the Guinea spice merchants use, the older generation at least…a French Creole called ‘parkour’- a language once considered dead and was last used three hundred years ago during the Atlantic slave trade in Africa.

To cut a long story short….I was called in by the neighborhood committee.

I was able to subdue King Kong with just a bucket of water and a quarter of a chicken….apparently the house servants have not removed his muzzle for four days! So the dog was famished.

After the meal. I told King Kong in Parkour – I am so sorry. Your owner has begun his long one way journey….he will never ever return….but I have more important things to tell you – you are in a crazy place, yes that is what the city is…it is so crazy that everyone even thinks they’re sane…that is what makes the city especially dangerous to your kind….and since you don’t seem to be able to pretend to be crazy like this crazy people…they will hate and fear you…even if they have to manufacture their own version of the truth…they will do it…and there can really only be one possible outcome – men with shot guns are going to shoot you dead King Kong….you best follow me back to my plantation… will be happy there…you see it’s really quite simple King Kong…You and I…we just don’t belong here…things will be OK for a while….but the more they look at you. At some point all they will ever want to do is kill you! It’s the same old story.’


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