Citysystis – an allergy to city life

April 21, 2017

The city and everything about it is like a giant krytronite rock that slowly weakens me from deep within. I can feel it’s invisible life sapping rays deadening everything within me deep down to the marrow of my bones – the pavements are all too flat and features….my feet are always in pain. I am afraid of crowds and I can’t take too many colors in one go….I get a splitting headache.

But since I am compelled from time to time to go to the city for business. I have no choice, but to develop some way to this live in peace with this disorder.

Usually when I feel my life force is depleting to a dangerous level. I will lumber to the nearest park and sit there while I slowly recharge. In the event none is available, it is not unusual for me to knock on the doors of mansions in leafy neighbourhoods with lush gardens to ask the mistress of the house for permission to recharge my life force in her garden. I seldom ever encounter problems. Some initial curiosity and hesitation perhaps. But this soon passes. In a while mistress of the house will usually serve me a cool drink with cakes. Based on my numerous experience, most people can usually be counted to be quite reasonable and understanding even if they consider my request somewhat peculiar.

Women I find tend to be very understanding and also very curious at the same time. Men on the other hand have a tendency to express reservations and even outrage, but this soon passes when their wife’s remind them there is no need to be rude….that is because all women have natural ESP, they can sense danger better than men….and they know I am genuine and my need is very real and urgent.

If it gets really bad. It’s not unusual for me to climb over walls of stately mansions. It is not a matter of choice!

As the death rays of the city can at times be relentless and ravage me mercilessly. Fortunately dogs of all known denomination and breeds are also born with very sensitive ESP powers – they can intuit once they see me, I mean them and their masters no harm…..I just need to rest in their garden. To commune with nature. So even the large breeds will usually give me sympathetic looks of quiet understanding, some especially the alpha killer breeds will even stand guard over me. As it is vampire thing. They can sense a kindred spirit is in a weakened state and requires looking after.

Recently a kind lady whose garden once I climbed over quite a while back ago was so thoughtful as to compile a list of addresses of stately mansions thru out the length and breadth of the city with lush gardens – when this fine lady handed me the list, she said, I can rest in any of the listed addresses and be reassured ‘no misunderstandings of any kind will ever occur.’

This angelic soul who I understand to be a very powerful, influential and wealthy socialite told me in a tone of gentle concern, that should I ever get myself into any trouble with the law on account of my ‘unusual’ habit of climbing over the walls of private property. As according to her, my actions can be so easily be misconstrued. She would never be able to forgive herself for the travesty. I assured her, I too don’t ever want to ever end up in Block 7 of IMH as well. I just want to rest in a garden and recharge my life force till my power bank reaches five bars.

As a consequence this lady has taken the liberty of circulating my photo along with a short explanation in her facebook account to inform all her high society friends that should any of them encounter a strange man attired in a bushjacket knocking on their door driving a four wheel drive with oversized tires, asking for permission to rest in their garden…they should always remain calm and make every possible effort to fulfil my request promptly, as it is a matter of life and death that pertains to my mental, psychical and spiritual well being…I should be treated like a kind and gentle soul always with the upmost patience, consideration and thoughtfulness.

I now finally have a passport to enjoy all the beautiful gardens in the city. I told this lady, from today onwards, I am so happy I no need to climb over walls again. I am really so happy and grateful to her.

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