Kong Hee’s hour of reckoning

April 21, 2017

I do not agree with what Mr Kong has done. Infact, I happen to believe he is a confidence trickster par excellence. Nonetheless, from what he and his family had to endure for the last gruelling six years.

I can only say I have the upmost respect for the way he has managed this affair with dignity, respectability and stocism.

This aspect of his character cannot be taken away from Mr Kong.

Regrettably the same cannot be said about how the courts have handle this Mother of all flip flops.

They had two bites at the cherry and they still can’t seem to get it right….and now we are told this is not over (whatever that may mean) and presumably they’re planning for a third to nail it right – this really makes me wonder why would the third bite be any different.

The fact that in both occasions there was no unanimous decision suggest there is something either fundamentally wrong with the charge sheet, statute or interpretation of the spirit and intendment of the statute.

Besides even if they managed to get their act together. It’s conceivable all they would really accomplish is to only discredit the entire judicial process by running afoul of the doctrine of double jeopardy. If it exist in Singapore that is…and even if it didn’t some one in authority (hello is anyone there?) should at least bear the onus of clarifying how black became white or a square with 90 degree corners became a round circle….after all even the holy office of the AG owes the reasonable befuddled man on the street – a fiduciary duty to explain how a case that was eventually sunk on a ‘technicality’ proceeded so far and so long as it did with so many inherent flaws and at I can only imagine to be a monumental cost to tax payers. We after all live in a world where money and opportunity cost doesn’t grow on trees. Not to mention how the judgement of this case would have an impact on all other contemporaneous and future cases relating to cheating.

There is of course that other cogent consideration whether the sentences did infact the reflect the gravity of the offence accurately along with whether justice was seen to be done – will it serve as an effective deterrent. Or will it merely broadcast the message crime does indeed pay?

All that I imagine is water under the bridge – as it stands, they had two bites at the cherry and they egged it up royally thereby allowing a con man and his gang to walk short of their full term…bear in my mind all I have said here is my lay opinion – at the end of the day, they would have to live with that in the court of public opinion.

As for Kong Hee and his unfortunate associates I wish them and their family well – it must be tough for them all. But the same must also be said of many who donated only to feel cheated by the final outcome….but depending on how one may interpret, ‘it’s not over yet.’

Who except maybe God really knows what might finally happen.

Hello is anyone there?


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