Finally a cure for Citysystis?

April 22, 2017

CEBESA cost about $1. I add one to my coffee every morning…seems to work.

Since I am an acute sufferer of Citysystis. I’ve had to develop an anti serum against the death rays of the city.

I first came across squid ink when I noticed it was an active ingredient which is widely used as the tribal equivalent of Prozac. In most tribal mythology the color black is associated with mysticism that’s because it’s a color that is very closely associated with the paradox of death and renewal…darkness represents the end of light, but since without it there can be no appreciation of light it also signifies the beginning of all life.

Squid ink* is widely used in Italian and Spanish cooking as it adds a very distinctive flavour and adds an inviting sheen to food. The ink itself is composed mainly of melanin (the pigment that influences skin color), but it also contains proteins, lipids, minerals (especially iron) and the amino acid taurine, as well as dopamine – a neurotransmitter associated with positive mental states.

Usually I add a whole sachet of squid ink to black coffee….it helps a lot and I am hopeful that I may have finally stumbled on a cure for Citysystis.

*Squid ink is currently not expensive, not at all. But I am sure it will be. As the health boffins begin to take more interest in the magical properties of squid ink – that is why I seldom ever share much concerning jungle cures and much rather keep the circulation small and tight to curb commercialisation.

Having said squid ink is cheap it does however take some effort to seek out in Singapore. There is a speciality food shop in Singapore…it’s called Culina. They were located somewhere on the Thai embassy side of Orchard Rd. Maybe you can try there.

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