Crime pays very well in Singapore?

April 23, 2017

Those of you who regularly read by blog will probably know that I have taken a vow to renounce my evil ways. However, lately I am not being able to resist the dark side….just the other night I woke up quite suddenly at half past four and for some inexplicable reason began to flesh out the rough outline of starting either a church or Football club in Singapore.

I began to simulate the pay outs at first thru a series of very simple decision trees….nothing too eleaborate….just a series of rudimentary scams – on virtually every occasion since the penalties were so darn low…this led me to the logical conclusion that even should I end up in jail for a 3 year and a bit sentence. It would most probably be a kacang puteh price to pay for my criminal activities…after all providing I keep my nose clean in jail and don’t get into any fights. I would probably be walking as a free man in two a bit years….which isn’t bad considering hotel Changi is FOC so this would probably allow me to stash my ill gotten gains in some high interest off shore account.

Of course I don’t want to go back to my evil ways again….but given the high pay outs and the remarkable ease at which the system can be gamed right to the hilt providing one has the means to hire good Lawyers along with the irresistible incentives of ultra Low penalties….the criminal way of life in Singapore is certainly a very tempting proposition that takes a lot of will power to resist.

I must take more cold showers these days. Go for regular jogs and not allow my mind to wander to far of the beaten path….I must really try….I must.


‘Am I

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