King Kong in the plantation & the jailing of Amos Yee

April 24, 2017

Dogs like The King are NOT natural born killers…..I may not know for instance how old King Kong is…or even where he was born…but this much I am 100% certain……someone deliberately planted that evil seed called violence into his being.

I realise it’s very hard for many to see Rottweilers in an endearing light. After all, they do suffer from a grevious perception problem. Infact I even believe this breed should only be strictly restricted to the security and military services, not because it is elementally violent. As margin for error is incredibly slim for the lay dog owner not to mention those dearly unfortunates who may be around the vicinity this blur sotong is simply too high – the ignominious reputation of Rottweilers hardly any elaboration it is after all a macabre story.

Breed originally for combat and entertainment in the colliseum. Rottweilers used to gobble Christians for sport. The ancient Romans who first deployed this fearsome breed in battlefields to tear thru enemy ranks like a hot knife thru butter…. Tacticus the Roman strategist once recommended the use of Rottweilers to blunt cavalry attacks – since they are stocky and have an unusually low center of gravity. They were especially adept in blunting a Greek phalanx by sneaking below the shield and bringing a man down. Once a Rottweiler bites, it is like a hydraulic claw it’s almost impossible to wriggle free. They can drag out a man like a tractor using their short and powerful legs and that’s followed by a lightning bite to the back of the neck – knowing the origin of the breed is a form of intelligence as it will allow the dog handler to get into the mind of the dog.

Even the most accomplished dog handlers can get blindsided by this breed…as usually they make the mistake of going in with a John Wayne Gung Ho attitude….the results are usually catasthrophic.

I need to break The King’s mindless aggression as soon as possible….I need to go deep into his brain and erase that evil program that someone once callously programmed into his being……otherwise power without the means to gainfully exert control over it is simply too dangerous to have around – the King needs to be transformed into a highly discipline soldier dog.

To accomplish this. I will leverage on the collective psyche of the pack – the pack will break The King down to zero and he will be rebuilt back again… is a very long process.

Once I have finished with The King hopefully he will know that real power comes only from iron discipline…..should I fail.

King Kong would have to put down….I wish it’s possible to paint a happier story, but under the given circumstances there is no way to lighten the facts…it is what it is…..that is why those who once planted that evil seed called violence into such a beautiful creature knoweth not what they do…they are like fools giving children hand grenades to play with…as they have robbed them of their inherent innocence thereby opening up the horrendous gates of hell to such cruel possibilities….foolish people.

Power without responsibility is dangerous….it needs to be destroyed.


‘I realize, it is very difficult to argue the case persuasively to most Singaporeans even those who may be reasonable that locking up master Amos like some wild animal was a great mistake.

But to me it will always be a travesty of humanity only because when one is young – one can only see the world thru very innocent eyes….even a potty mouth child will see the world thru this fairy tale lens I imagine.

But once innocence is summarily snatched away….even should you say in a righteous tone, he broke the law….even should you insist, he knew what he was getting into.

I say when a child can no longer see the world thru those innocent eyes – then it’s almost impossible to get them excited over anything else – he can only grow up to be mistrustful, cynical, resentful, angry and destructive.

That is why I hope master Amos does not spent too much time in jail….as once a boy cultivates a bent to only see the world thru the eyes of cynicism…then it could be said he will take a very wrong turn in life at so young an age and that would be very difficult to turn around.

He would be lost for many many years….during that time he can only be destructive to himself and others.

What I wonder was accomplished…again, yes you can very well say in that righteous tone – he broke the law…he knew what he was getting himself into.

But pray tell…what is the final outcome?

And this is where I will turn to you and ask, do you know how hard it is to turn it all around when one so young takes a bad turn?

Maybe you don’t care to know or even feel that’s hardly an issue worth considering since you can’t possibly see how your attitude is in some way part of the problem…..and that to me will always be the real problem with Amos Yee.

Like I said, I hope he is released soon for his sake and…..of course…ours.’

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