A General Announcement 27-04-17

April 27, 2017

Due to the prevailing economic slow down – all mining and plantation operations have been scaled down dramatically. This year we are not able to accommodate the new cohort.

Gentlemen. There is a Cantonese saying – mah seih lok teih hang (horse die man walks) – it is very prosaic.

The economy will get worse.

I encourage you all not to be chossey about work…if the opportunity arises it is better to work than to mope around the house doing nothing.

Gentlemen we will improve, adapt and we will win!


‘Never be ashame to work with your hands. Never! As when you work with your hands you will begin to trust yourself in ways that you have never trusted before and trust can only build belief and with belief ONLY then are all great things possible.

Do not get hung up on the many falsehoods that society has imposed upon you…discard it all away – the idea that manual work some how makes you less of a man. Or that it is beneath you or even that you’re settling for less than what you deserve.

All these are lies that will only diminish your aperture for opportunities.

All those mental restrictions are just imaginary boundaries created by stupid people to perpetuate their stupid way of life.

If you believe in them….it is as good as taking poison…a little goes a very long way to stop you dead in your tracks!

Believe me when I say this.

As when you begin to trust your hands. Eventually people will see the quality of your craft and you will take immense pride in your labor and to be part of this experience can only be intensely edifying for ANY man.

So take my advice. Don’t grumble that the good jobs are far and few these days. Take whatever comes your way.

Dedicate yourself to work…work is religion.

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