The power of nature’s consistency – King Kong

April 28, 2017

The pace of life in a plantation is incredibly rhythmic. It’s like a heavy grindstone that turns and sets the pace of life. There is a time for every occasion it seems…a time to wake up…cook…sweep the yard….play with the dogs…rest…work….eat…sleep etc etc – this mood is very hard to pin point or to even describe by mere words…it is just climatic and everything it seems is naturally drawn to the gravity of nature’s rhythm.

Nothing can escape it’s pull…resistance is futile it seems. Yes you can certainly put up a fight if you like, but it will just wear you thin like water rounding a rock into a smooth pebble…absolutely nothing can stop it working its way and permeating deep into the being of things…plants…animals…humans.

They’re all shaped by this climatic iron curtain of nature.

Even King Kong is slowly immersing into the depths of this balm of calmness…this happy pressure of being constantly shaped by nature in mind, body and spirit.

Dogs can sense this natural call of the wild keener than humans as they don’t just see the world with their eyes – they can sense it all in the completeness of three dimensions thru their sharp sense of smell and animal instincts….nature is working furiously….it is relentless.

For my part. I really don’t need to do very much to fix anything….not at all – all I need to do is step back and allow nature’s consistent rhythm to slowly work her magic to heal King Kong.

Knowing when to bow out is very important….as sometimes when we want to do something…anything and we are not mindful of greater forces in our midst…we are likely not only to miss out on good things and opportunities. But we may even step on the hose the delivers all that goodness.

King Kong seems to be considerably calmer now….gone is his guarded demeanour, restlessness along with aggressive bent and he has even taken a shine to Mabel.

Mabel is a Spiff, she guards the back portion of my plantation house.

King Kong likes to sit beside her all day in the cool of the shade.

He’s very happy.


‘We learn….or maybe we just heard….could well be we just assume…that for things to actually get better. We have to work at it – put in the effort…talk a lot…move around all the time…sweat…worry…mull over…shout…run here and there…bark out orders etc etc.

But at times…not all the time….but those some times, for things to really get better….all we really need to do is know WHEN to bow out humbly and take a seat.

By just doing that and that alone we are no longer constricting the healing powers that can work to heal the broken things in our lives.

We are suddenly in the flow of things….we can even feel it canalimg thru our soul.

Knowing when to bow out and keep quite and to be still is not weakness….it is wisdom.’

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