On what ‘Patience’ really means…..

April 29, 2017

A few crooked landowners have set up an elaborate trap just for me….it is like a poison laced juicy steak placed invitingly before me.

How do I know this? Because it’s too bloody good to be true…..so good that it’s a dream come true…I will wait them out….patiently like a hunter.

Only when the time comes when everything is just perfectly right and meets my terms will I strike decisively. Meanwhile I will dive deep and silent like one of those nuclear subs….I will keep so very still that there’s hardly any sign at all…above all I will wait, wait and wait till their water breaks.


‘Patience is all too often misunderstood and in some cases it even has nothing whatsoever to do with patience and everything to do with making clever excuses – why you can’t seem to get your act together….or find the motivation to get off your fat ass and do something meaningful to fix the things that is wrong in your life….that’s to say patience is not an excuse to do nothing or an absence of action; rather it has alot more to do with the study of how everything if it is to come out righter than right needs to be done with “timing” in mind – it is really like hunting. Hunting is always misrepresented in books and the movies where a man goes out into the wild to stalk a prey….that’s a fiction. As how is it possible for an ill equipped modern man with all his inborn hazards to stalk a creature that has well honed senses where the wild is his office and home?

In truth hunting is quite a boring affair where the best man can ever do is just find a place where he thinks the prey will past by. That’s all he can do! Nothing more or less. Sit in one place and remains as still like a lifeless rock for hours on end. And hope that he prey crosses his kill zone – but even should the prey appear. Frequently it is either too far for a clean kill or it’s obstructed or that it’s just the not the right time to loose the arrow….and this is where patience acquires a deeper meaning that even goes beyond the dictionary meaning. As it is quite difficult to remain still and steady when the prey suddenly presents itself – harder still is it to remain calm…..but that is what is required. To wait and wait and frequently to wait till the act of waiting itself becomes unbearable…..and only to only spring into action when everything is just right…the position….light….wind and above all to remain steady under pressure.

So when we talk about being patience….we are automatically talking about the critical nature of how timing features as well. To talk about being patient without ever once discussing the right or wrong time is like to talking about baking a fruit cake without once touching on the subject of raisins….that’s not right….not to me at least.

If you observe around very carefully with your family, friends and colleagues many don’t know the deeper nuanced relationship between patience and timing…this are actually things they should teach you in Wharton or Harvard. But for some inexplicable reason they don’t…that could probably explain why if you put any of these people in the jungle in they will die within 48 hours – you know to me it is very strange for one to indulge in talk about strategy…competitive advantage or for that matter how to create value when one doesn’t even know how much of patience is premised on the study of finding the right timing…..study and research this well. As when you miss out on this basic point – I can almost guarantee you, you’ll find yourself going around in only small and big circles all the time……your arrow will never find its mark!’

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