Do not come here and tell me there are no jobs in Singapore…..

May 1, 2017

That is why I have to mope around the house…play computer games 24 hours a day….live in a room where clothes go to die….munch of pot noddles and wait for something worthwhile to fall out of the sky and fall on my lap!

You can pull the wool over the eyes of your mama and papa with your self pity tales….you can even fool the president of Singapore….but you cannot fool me!

You know why you cannot fool me with such defeatist talk….it is very simple. I put myself thru university with my bare hands holding down two shift jobs day in and day out… I am so sorry. I cannot and will not accept that as an excuse.

Now as you all know….I have taken a vow to renounce my evil ways….this is very well documented and even widely discussed in the internet. So I really don’t want to regress back to my previous evil ways…..and I hope that some of you will do your part to encourage me in this path of rigtheneous that I have dedicated myself too.

I really don’t want to go back to Singapore….but I will IF I have too to deal with this problem….all I can say is this, you do yourself and the institution you belong too no credit to indulge in defeatist talk.

Now get off your chair..stop picking the skin on your big toe and go to work.

Thank you…I’ve be back again.


‘In life you have the elemental right to choose whether you want to live by your own conception of reality or the reality of the unthinking masses….should you decide on the latter. Then it is my duty to inform you that you are buying into a great lie that will only serve to disable you and render you useless… the way of the world is to always look to others to improve their lot! That to the best of my knowledge is the entrenched psychology of the masses….it is always predicated on placing faith on a higher authority to improve their lot and history has proven robust in this respect to inform us that in practically every single occasion that aspiration or Crie de couer has proven to be misplaced on practically every single occasion in the course of two thousand years of mankind,s history.

Truth is only YOU can improve your lot! As for governments or the Aga Khan foundation and the Mickey Mouse club along with the idea of the creator…all they can do is hold out the distant promise of a better tomorrow…they can only offer the uselessness of hope at best and at worst a fait accompli that things will only get better. That at least is the way I have always seen it. In the final analysis, they’re good for nothing then as they are good for nothing today and probably good for nothing in the future as well… you better wake up! And start asking yourself questions like what are you really left with to gainfully improve your lot?


That is really where it begins and end in my understanding of the known world.


That is why it is so jugular to keep to the discipline of the frontier man…the rugged individual…the ‘can do’ man who will always reliably prevail no matter what the odds.

If you throw out the rest of the nonsense and lies that world holds out and just invest in ONLY this idea of the rugged individual….I can almost guarantee 100% you will begin to see your lot improving!

Only understand this the world hates the rugged individual. He is a despicable man in our grotesquely politically correct age of gender blurring and endless compromises. He is often depicted as a militant…a fascist…a hard and implacable man.

Only understand this! This category of men know only too well that should they allow the cancer of defeatism to take hold even so much as one parts per billion in their belief. Then all is lost…the line will fray…discipline will go to the dogs and all will be lost. In times like this be very careful of what you choose to think or for that matter speak about when things don’t go your way.

As it’s hardly a trivial matter….as when you seek out the company of those who grumble no end and do very little to dedicate all their waking hours to bettering their lot….then it could be said that will be your brotherhood…they will be your tribe…and by default you buy into their credo and fly their flag of defeat.

As what you’re doing is forming a worldview of how the world should and must and can only be expected to work – that is to say you have inadvertently entered into an agreement to live your life according to those kooky terms….i.e your lot can only improve IF someone, somewhere high above you sets into motion some grand plan to improve your lot….to put it another way you have relinquished all the power vested in you to better your lot to this so called higher authority that you don’t even know anything about except maybe to see him in TV from time to time talking about things that you hardly even care to know more about…that is to say you have acquiescence your well being to others who hardly give two flying fucks as to whether you live or die…..and this is what the unthinking masses do all the time….that is why they are always languishing in poverty….always struggling to make ends meet….always complaining like children….always wasting valuable time…always procrastinating on what needs to be done today…always blaming everyone instead of taking responsibility and this can only be the outcome when you have allied yourself with the brotherhood of the defeated.

But the frontier man rejects this pipe dream or fantasy does he not? He considers it a travesty of reasoning as when did he ever give his well being to some other force or authority?

Why should the frontier man do something as stupid as put his trust and well being in someone who he just saw on TV?

Why would the frontier man even do that given that the trek record of governments consistently disappoints?

As I said…it’s far better to believe governments are good for nothing then as they’re good for nothing now as they’re probably good for nothing in the foreseeable future when it comes to uplifting lives.

Hence that crutch mentality of relegating power to others over one’s well being will always be very stupid to the frontier man. He is after all a proud man…who wants to take all the credit when his lot improves…and that is not a thing to be discouraged as it is in perfect alignment with his beliefs, ethos and philosophy as to how the world should rightfully work…..truth is the power to improve ones lot has always been in the palm of ones hands….it’s been that way since the moment of recorded history.

And that is the only reality that one should gainfully believe in to make meaningful progress in ones life. All other conceptions are false gods….they are merely illusions….time sucking sand traps that the serious men of this world will always have very little patience for….and rightly so.

As in reality….it really just comes down to you and no one else to improve your lot.

This is the first lesson the frontier imparts to all men who choose to live our way of life… could even say it is written in stone.

This is reality…..nothing in this world can be accomplished without iron discipline!

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