The age of the pariah millionaire

May 2, 2017

When those who are fortunate to come to wealth do not spare a thought for those who may not be as fortunate as themselves…..then it can be said they lack virtue.

Having said that…it is one thing to point out the obvious and yet an altogether different thing for one to ask what might be the prescriptive cure for this problem.


‘One of the greatest travesties to have befallen gentle society is when the art of duelling was done away with. To my understanding it is not merely a coincidence that the demise of duelling occured just around the period when social graces began to fritter away at an alarming speed to what we are left with today.

It would seem very odd to me and most people I imagine that while in the past when a gentleman’s honor was soiled, society could always be counted to hold out the promise of redemption for the aggrieved to challenge the insulter to a duel as a reliable means to seek restitution…but these days. In the so called civilised modern age – the gentlemen it seems is reduced to having to make do as best he can with a mobile phone camera to prosecute on what I can only describe as a third rate measure of ‘demand for satisfaction.’

In lieu of the aggrieved party having no reliable means other than a mobile phone to seek restitution for social transgression of a brutish and feral nature…parliamentarians in Singapore would do well to seriously table a motion to consider resurrecting the gentle art of duelling in the name of the common good…apart from freeing the courts and Lawyers from having to frequently hear spurious claims….not to mention allowing the police to focus on criminal activities besides being deluged by civil disobedience cases, it would also allow the National Parks Board to diversify into the lucrative field of al fresco el naturale funeral services cum organic fertilizer business. Both of which I am sure would add considerably to increasing the aperture of job opportunities for natives.

But I digress. Back to the point – in my considered opinion the revival of duelling in Singapore would go a very long way to reliably improve manners and character, not to mention revivifying the level of civility, decorum along with incentivizing social offenders to aggress in a timely fashion with impeccable manners.

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