Inspiration to go where no mind dares to go

May 5, 2017

When we ask ourselves how is it possible to migrate from the comfort zone to a new and exciting beginning where things can take root and grow….it is never a direct and linear process.

As all the parts that will play a key role in determining where we will finally end devoting our lives too will always be serendipitous, haphazard and even slightly accidental…


‘I guess when people say as they so often do….I wish I can go to some place where no one knows me and I can simply do what I really want to do. What they actually mean to say is – they genuinely yearn for a new beginning…to start all over again….to perhaps not make the same mistakes they once made….to have an opportunity to do it all over again and this time to do it righter than right.

Every man I reckon at some point in his life yearns for a new beginning…to be able to press the Ctrl, Alt and delete keys simultaneously only for everything to blink into oblivion momentarily followed by the reassuring hum when you know deep down soon it will all reappear again afresh…on a new page.

This new page is what I like to call X marks the spot. Frequently it isn’t just a place on a map – often it comprises of fragments of images, smells and sensations in our memories…the smell of electrified nitrogen like breathing in needles just before a thunderstorm…the sobs of old creaking wood as the wanton wind blows rattling loose window panes…..the smell of freshly brewed coffee just before the day breaks….that’s really the equivalent of the GPS coordinates that makes up the whole story of where X marks the spot.

It’s very hard to pin down and most people sadly don’t ever discover that mythical place….or for matter their calling…they just don’t I am afraid. I know they should. But they don’t. Not even the valecdictorian who managed to make the hair at the back of your neck stand during graduation day with his or her wax lyrical speech of a brighter than bright and exciting futurescape found it either…he or she is probably a temp in some warehouse stacking boxes like building a life size lego set or maybe he’s an uber driver now….like I said most people never ever find that happy sliver between yearning and desire where everything just comes together perfectly.

But what did you really expect? It’s not easy to discover that place where X marks the spot….it’s not as if you have a skull and bones map. No it’s not like that at all.

Most of the the time the process to find that place has no defining beginning or end point…it’s like taking a walk for the very first time in a city that you’ve never been before. You always start your journey with a map, it’s marked with red circles – that’s where you want to be before lunch….in the beginning you walk the planned route. Then something in a quaint shop window draws you long enough to stop walking. Long enough to perhaps be distracted by maybe a girl in a really short skirt…you follow her for a while. Then realising the man who eventually links up with her must be her boy friend and he’s heavy built like a boxer with no neck…you decide to stick to your planned route. Only this time you’re in a different part of the city that you can’t seem to make out in the map….you decide to take a coffee break. In a short while you resume your walk thru labyrinths passages that are so narrow in some places you can even touch both walls with your fingers. Soon it opens up to an expansive sun drenched courtyard only to repeat itself again. By now you’re just walking hardly even trying to make sense of where you might be in the greater scheme of things. From time to time to stop and stare….a crooked spire…the way the light catches the angular sides of a building transforming it into a tongue of light in the preamble….moist cobbles stones followed by gravel then concrete to bitumen and back to cobble stones again and then you see something….not just anything, but something that you always seen and known about in your mind’s eye – something that is so familiar yet estranged at the same time…you don’t quite know it then. But slowly it dawns on you that this is the place where X marks the spot….you stop and soon the realisation hits you that you’re lost in a part of town that you don’t know whether it’s in the north, east, south or west….but it’s ok. As you want to stay and simply be next to this new discovery that has come into your life.

That’s really how I read the story of X marks the spot.’

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