Nailing a problem

May 6, 2017

Electricity is always a perennial issue whenever one stays deep in a plantation. I am so accustomed to blackouts that I can even get by on just batteries. Recently my birdhouse which also doubles as my safehouse was hit by a lightning strike. The pretty much fried up everything. I lost two amplifiers and would have lost much more had I not used a surge protector on some of my equipment such as fridges and electric hob.

Since the lightning strike the circuit breaker has been tripping every time it rains. Even distant thunder will set it off – I got the electrician in and he was so baffled that he didn’t know what to do.

I spent many days trying to isolate the fault. But to no avail….one day while kitted out with head lamp to seek out the problem. I decided to take a closer look at the amplifiers of the birdhouse. I must have spent a whole hour just sitting down and studying blue, red and green wires with my eyes…then it occured to me the tripping may have been due to a faulty amplifier.

Switch out one of the amplifiers and when it rained just now I watched it closely… sign of tripping any more. I think I may have nailed the problem after all. I am hopeful.

Fingers crossed.


‘There is a saying common to tradesmen – if really want to know something then just do it! Maybe I am slow…perhaps even slightly stupid. But I tend to just sit right down and look at the thing. It’s not unusual for me to look at it for hours on end.

Many people mistake this attitude as just wasting time….but experience informs me when I look at a problem long and hard usually it speaks to me. By this I mean I begin to glean details and insights that I would not normally pick it if I had just rushed in to get the job done.

I was once invited to an art gallery for an opening. Since I am allergic to crowds – I went there when everyone had, had their fill and gone back home….it was just around midnight when only the remnants of the crowd along with caterers relaxing quite openly in the foyer featured when I wandered from one iteration to another.

One particular picture caught my eye, it was a very large painting of what seemed at first to be a jungle scene. There were no animals in this scene….not even a single one. So it seemed.? seemed to just depict plants and trees….then when the artist approached me and asked for my opinion. I mentioned the monkey in the picture was a very nice personal touch….she looked quite shocked as she brushed her throat nervously.

Yes…she looked very shocked.

To which I went to add…you wanted to put part of yourself in there without anyone knowing…that’s your way of immortalizing your creation to put something there that no one could ever see except perhaps you, not even some fat guy who has more cash than he ever bothered to ever count who would eventually buy this masterpiece and hang it in his toilet would ever make that monkey out….that’s your lasting act of defiance. Your way of thumbing your nose at the world. Your method of exerting ownership over this creation that will eventually leave you.

She looked quite naked before me and after a pause the artist blurted….please don’t tell anyone.

Yes….I understand. I understand completely.’

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