Stealing other people’s lunch

May 7, 2017

Recently mini Lee got into a lot of trouble with netizens for suggesting Singaporeans should steal other people’s lunch i.e their jobs.

To be very frank I do not see anything inaccurate or morally wrong with that sort of use of language…as it very prosaic and accurate because at one level of intelligence one can perhaps say in politically correct language individuals are engaged in competition for jobs….but if you strip away all the niceties. They are actually stealing opportunities from you.

You can quibble till the cows all die who moved your cheese….but it’s gone as someone else ate it….so that’s stealing.

Secondly it is not morally questionable to use the term stealing….as business is not a form of war….it is clearest expression of war.

Without clarity of will there can be no such thing as power and even less of will to power.


‘When one is autistic. The world can be a very cruel place. As not all, but some people especially the evil ones will always mistake my caring, gentle and giving nature as stupidity* and some will even take a bite out of me….

They will cheat you and after that, they even have the gall to look you straight in the eyes and laugh at you.

That was what someone who loved me very much as a child once cupped my face and brought it to hers told me…she said, you have to learn to hit back whenever that happens. Not just hit. But hit so hard that person spins like a top so that everyone stops and watches him go round and round for days and nights…and if you can learn to do just that, then people will eventually know their place and leave you alone….that’s the only way for you to lead a normal life….to be able to take care of yourself without burdening others.

This woman made me promise to do that – so that is what I’ve been doing all my life. If a bully takes my money in school. I will ask him back politely for it the following day. If he beats me up. I will go back again the next day. He beats me up again. I will go back again and again and again…..and by maybe the tenth time maybe I will bring along the entire nation of Rotweillers, Alsatians and Dobermans to demand my money back. By that time the bully would be begging me on bended knees to take the money he once took from me with compound interest.

I think that was the best life advise anyone ever gave me. Some of the best advice I notice are just one liners – they don’t ever need to take up ten A4 pages of reasonings – less is more….thank you auntie Bee Keng…I love you.’

* I am going to share with you all a very scary story. As a salaried man back in Singapore I worked in a factory in Boon Lay. I knew every single pipeline in that facility all 127.38 miles of it, right down to the fractional minutae of every single nut and screw. Absolutely nothing escaped me. I just saw it once in a master schematic for maybe ten minutes and after that…Bang!

It was right there in my head. I could see it all in three dimensions…I could even rotate it and look at every single detail in marvellous completion. If I drank two cups of coffee really fast I could even reduce it all to one elegant equation….not that anyone there could ever understand…that’s why some people thought I was crazy.

There’s no rocket science to a factory – it’s just understanding how the head bone is connected to the neck bone and that is connected to the back bone and so on and so forth. Pretty dumb stuff.

Every morning on the first shift when the issues were brought up for discussion. Everyone would go thru a ritual – it would begin like this, a problem will be raised. The manager would take a swipe of anti gastric potion and pop two Panadol. Everyone would ask round after round of questions, theorize, postulate, guess, speculate where the problem was….then after that, they would all look at me and usually I would tell the mechanics to go to section 6, look at this and that and 10 out of 10…the problem would be fixed.

One day a group of people got jealous and Bo Kum Buan – they started to find fault with me in the cafetaria. One of them said I like to show off and even told me not to talk too much.

Thereafter I decided to keep silent.

I did not say a word for a whole week. Not even when I was asked. Not long after that everything just degenerated into a Mother of a mess and soon everyone was so stressed some even suffered nervous breakdowns, others decided to take emergency leave or fake MC’s because the workplace became a hellish pressure cooker where everyone was running around like headless chickens.

All the while I was twiddling my thumb and just keeping quiet.

After that management pleaded with me to end my silent treatment and even gave me a fifty percent pay rise, a written apology from those fucks who tried to bully me (they all received warning letters from HR), an undertaking to delete all the CCTV footage of me sleeping under my desk during work and the management even gave me a special pass to eat as much as I can in Safra buffet for the next six months…then I started talking again….but I also started to get quite fat as well.

I have very fond memories of working in Singapore. It was a truly wonderful place and I miss Singapore very much…I have not been back home for nearly seven years.’

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