Restoring an old heritage house & very dead lizard

May 8, 2017

I had to go to the island of Penang to meet up with a group of heritage building designers who are all dying to see me….it seems they all consider me a great visionary for whatever reasons I have absolutely no idea….that it always seems is the story of my life. Whenever people see me they are usually very excitable, enthusiastic and over the rainbow…why that should be has and will I suspect always be one of the enduring mysteries of my life….I really have no idea what the fuss is all about….but that is really how it is.

It is always very difficult for me to venture into the cityscape without my dogs….I always feel vulnerable and naked without the protection of my four legged friends. But as soon as I arrived at site I did manage to make friends with a couple of stray dogs who followed and even guarded over me….that comforted me a lot.

After sitting for a two hour presentation I had lunch with these designers. It is very difficult for me to be so close to people. I don’t feel comfortable at all….as I usually dine alone – fortunately I am in a position in life where before anyone even who comes in contact with me. He or she is first briefed on do’s and don’t’s – I don’t shake hands not even casually…instead I greet others like a red indian by raising my hand with a friendly ‘how’.

I have a morbid fear of being touched. I cringe quite visibly whenever I am touched. I need to wash my hands immediately whenever that happens with a bristle brush for at least a full hour. All electronic electronic devices must be switch off or handed over to the front desk for safe keeping….as I don’t want the NSA, CIA and Mossad to track me. The restaurant must be evacuated of all patrons and I even bring along my own cutlery and cook on tow.

Fortunately no one thinks I am weird and even if they do – they have the social intelligence to keep it to themselves…..this incidentally is the power of money – it can alter not only behavoiral norms in others but it also has the capacity to shift perception to such an extent where I am even normal and all others who don’t do what I choose to do….abnormal – cut to the chase, it was a very productive day. I was able to hammer out many many issues along with motivate the whole team….I will show you all my project once it is finished.

I was supposed to stay the night in a hotel. But since I missed my dogs terribly. I declined a presidential suite. I drove back instead. When I arrived at about five. I found a very dead monitor lizard in the yard…judging from how everything had been turned upside down….it was a right mess.

I can only assume it must have been a violent fight to the death – King Kong was standing proudly next to the kill….it is hard to say who claimed the score as dogs are don’t talk a lot….monitor lizards are predators. They like nothing better than to sneak into bird houses and eat eggs…I am very happy my dogs protected my lands when I was away for the day…..I can always rely on my dogs.

I am happy to be back to the warm embrace of nature again. Nothing gives me more joy than to be close to her bosom.

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