May 8, 2017

Ritchie wasn’t just there when I started all this. He was always there with me thru thick and thin….from the very beginning he was always there. Truth is ritchie wasn’t just a dog. He was actually a human pretending to be a dog….it’s raining now. I went to his grave just then and dug out all his bones with my hands. I can’t help it…I miss my friend. I told him that he was callous to just leave me in the way he did….I will bring Ritchie back from the dead again. Death will have no dominion over him….if need be I will go to that dreaded other side and drag him out by the collar.

I can’t help it I miss my dear and loyal friend…why does the world have to always take away everyone I love and care for…why can’t it just leave us alone.


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