How many times is it ‘right’ to trial Kong Hee & Gang without being wrong?

May 9, 2017

This is my understanding of the CHC case….however I could be wrong, so do feel free to correct me.

First trial. Most of the judges got it right on the sentencing part? Am I right?

Second trial. They got it wrong? By reducing the sentence by discounting it across the board by 50% on technical grounds…so were they right or wrong on the sentencing?

Now there is going to be third apex trial to decide once and for all on the ‘right’ sentencing again?

To me there has to be something very wrong with this picture. As an issue once decided should not be raised again….to be allowed it to be raised the second time is bad enough, but for the third time some thing is definitely very very wrong. As even if the judges get it righter than right this third time, they have to be wrong in so many ways.


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