The importance of the rule of law – I will see the IGP when I next go up to KL

May 9, 2017

The gentleman’s name is the Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Khalid Abu Bakar he is the IGP of Malaysia. From what I’ve heard from my circle of powerful friends in KL he is a very reasonable and level headed man who has a deep appreciation, respect and remains a very humble servant of the rule of law.

I know there are many many evil rumors about the IGP in the internet, but I don’t think many can be believed without first questioning their motive along with who is actually responsible for generating all these lies.

In Malaysia it is very easy for evil people to use lies to bring down a good man. So easy. It happens all the time. All that needs to be done is to mix some facts with lies and that is really all it needs to bring down a good man.

When I next visit the capital, Kuala Lumpur. I will make it a point to call on this gentleman in Bukit Aman on a matter of utmost importance to the country.

I will speak very plainly and inform the IGP, ‘Tuan ada samseng kachau saya di Kampung’ – (Sir, there are some low lives hassling me in the village) I will go on tell the IGP. Given the severity of the matter, I have no choice but to reconsider my long term plans to stay and take Malaysian agriculture into the 21st century as since I am constantly living under a cloud of fear. I may have to seriously consider taking up an offer from the Ukrainian ministry of agriculture and livestock to migrate there and instead grow cereal crops….which incidentally is true they have made such an offer.

When the IGP hears this he will be very concerned as in Malaysia nothing is more important than agriculture and since there are very few men who actually have special knowledge in this specific area at the level of the field – I am sure the gentleman will do everything within his powers to alleviate my concerns along with palliate my fears and even do his level best to convince me to stay on in Malaysia and continue my important work for the sake of Rakyat, King and country.

I will tell the IGP a two bit gangster who reckons he is some Al Capone of the Kampung where I turn the wheel of life and his co-conspirators are planning to frame me on trump up charges and I have reasonable cause to believe they mean to make me disappear forever.

There is every reason to believe plans are actually afoot even at the very moment of this blog entry that this can happen at any moment.

It is no secret here that I bow to no man especially a bunch of cheap gangsters or any of his lackeys.

I never bow to threats. I will not!

This is why these evil people are out of destroy me with crooked means. As they have tried on numerous attempts to cheat me on land deals and on virtually every single occasion I have not only exposed them but also openly ridicule them along with out manuvering them to further my business interest.

If they have any pride and guli’s as a man they should try to out do me in business.

That I can only imagine is why they can’t bear to see me being successful as given time they know I will grow bigger and bigger in these parts.

In cowboy towns where I am – this is how politics and power is conducted. Whenever someone from outside comes in and they rise too fast this is their way to keep them in their place…thru crooked means.

When I sit down for a chat with this gentlemen I will tell him very frankly who these people are, what their motivation is, along with how they mean to carry out their designs and who I suspect is involved.

Given the strategic nature of my expertise and field of knowledge in plantations I have every reason to believe my case will be expedited.

I will also make it a point to meet up with the Malaysian anti corruption agency depending on how the meeting transpires with the IGP.

I will go directly to the very TOP. If need be I will even go directly to the office of the prime minister of Malaysia. As that is the only effective way to deal work chronic corruption and abuses in Malaysia.

I am very confident my problem will be solved and I can return to my important work of taking agriculture in Malaysia to the twenty first century and beyond. Nothing must be allowed to stop progress.

Like I said my friends. I have only heard good things about this man from my circle of friends…I remain very hopeful.


‘In the next two months I have plans to experiment with a new genus of oil palm that I have spent seven years developing that I plan to grow on a new twenty acre plot of land. If this variety of crop proves successful – it will have the capacity of doubling palm oil out put in Malaysia. In one stroke Malaysia will again be the largest producer of oil palm. I have kept this plans secret. Only a few people know about the existence of this project….nothing can stop this. It is too important.’

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