Project ADORE – treating our four legged heros with love & respect

May 10, 2017

I was very happy to read a scheme for Police K-9 dogs, where K-9 dog handlers who reside in HDB flats can adopt their retired sniffer dogs. I think this pilot expansion of “Project ADORE” by MND is a very good start as it is very natural for dog handlers to bond with their four legged work buddies – the relationship between man and dog is first and foremost based on love, respect and mutual trust….both man and dog can only be happiest together.

Many of these working dogs have given their best years in loyal service of Singapore to protect, interdict threats and keep evil from our shores.

They don’t have many years left…that is the natural cycle of dogs when they grow old. They tend to require more love, attention and care as when a dog grows old they are not unlike humans who age. They will begin to lose their vigor, acuity and health. Often this shift can frighten them resulting in anxiety. But since their handlers are around. In those moments at least these canines can take comfort in having a familiar friend around and it’s much better than dying feeling scared and lonely all the time in some cold concrete kennel.

I am sure all of those who have handled dogs in a professional capacity will have very little trouble agreeing with me – this is not something we all like to ever see. Use, throw and forget – it’s poisonous for professionalism and esprit de corps.

I am very grateful for the government of Singapore to have the rare spark of wisdom and imagination in experimenting to open this new sanctuary for senior citizen canines – it is not easy I can imagine to roll out this project in HDB’s. As the tendency is to always to veer to the status quo.

By embarking on this route it will certainly instill character, discipline and deep knowledge in the art of dog handling thereby nourishing professionalism in a K-9 force – my hope is as more senior citizen large breeds such as Rotweillers, Alsatians and Doberman feature in the mix eventually, this will hopefully eradicate many of the misconceptions, prejudices and negative perception concerning large breeds by educating the general public on what I have always known concerning dogs – they are truly man’s Best Friend.

They deserve the right to be treated with respect and dignity and love in their twilight years.

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