Should I decide to go to the Ukraine….

May 10, 2017

King Kong will follow me…we will be happy there.

‘Wherever I go…I will be successful. As I have never ever considered autism as a disability or affliction – I declared total war on that idea…I am the clearest manifestation of its destroyer – so I realised from the moment of my youth I had an obligation to be stronger and more determined and hungrier that all other men to just earn the right to lead a ‘normal’ life.

I belong to a rare variety of men who can wake up on the crack of dawn and work with my hands till sun down…seven days a week for 365 days a year. I don’t need holidays like ‘normal’ people. I can do the same thing again and again without ever grumbling or tirring. I have great a great wealth of knowledge in my head concerning all things relating to nature – I can take a clump of dirt roll it in between my index finger and thumb and bring it to my nostrils and in a while great possibilities will open up before me when all other men see only barren land. I live a simple life free of illusions and affectations and I am a prudent investor who believes in saving and not spending unnecessarily….so don’t worry about me.

I will prevail…we will win!’

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