Preparing for the dry season

May 11, 2017

The dry season is just around the corner. I can sense it’s gradual approach. Usually this is the time when I will conduct a series of rigorous checks on my car. I usually don’t wait for anything to die on me all of a sudden – as that can often be catasthropic when one is stuck deep in the jungle with major repairs….usually I try to catch the things that will go wrong before they fail on me.

In the dry season the plantation roads are very different from the wet season – filters have a tendency to foul and clog…shock absorbers need to be adjusted for a longer range of travel to accommodate rocky and hard driving conditions and usually I take this opportunity to right the things that would normally need righting along with conducting a range of checks.

Whenever I strip down the wheel assembly I much prefer to work with my own backyard mechanics – they don’t have much skill or for that matter deep knowledge…but since they’re keen to learn from a frontier man and consider me a sort of guru and don’t mind me poking them and scolding from time to time – they actually consider it a privilege to work alongside someone like me…that sort of die die want to learn attitude is something I can work with despite their low skill rating. We seem to have a very happy working relationship…the way it works is like this…they do something that is completely wrong like reinsert the rack and pinion pin the wrong way and I tell them sardonically, you’re all good for nothing. They laugh and proceed to strip it out and do it all over again to step by step instructions….I don’t mind working with people who don’t have the requisite knowledge providing they know their place and have the courtesy to remain humble in my presence.

But I never ever tolerate bullshiters and lazy mechanics who have absolutely no idea what they’re doing and still insist on independence….I always insist on micro managing my mechanics. In my book there is no such thing as I leave it to you…go for lunch and come back and collect the car in three hours…that sort of blasé atttiude doesn’t exist when it comes to something as jugular as my car!

You think what this is crossover project by CHC or some other con job by new creation church ah!

You want my business. You have to accept that I will be supervising everything like a hawk…I don’t even take toilet breaks! I have the right to breathe over your shoulder.

The way I see it – I have a lot of knowledge when it comes to mechanics. I put myself thru university at one time working with John Deere tractors and ABB power turbines as a class 1 city and guilds certified Mechanic in the U.K – so when it comes to machines….I am at the very top of skill food chain.

Even when I send it in to the Toyota workshop where patrons are usually not permitted to wander the work area. I happen to have a special letter from the president of toyota motors that even allows me into the restrictive zones. I like to deal with people who are very serious about improving their products and service. Toyota motors just happens to be one of those outfits. It is especially keen to know first hand what improvements are actually needed in the field to make better cars…they are so enthusiastic whenever I send my car in usually a special team is usually flown in from Japan just to gather many of my inputs.

I would have much preferred to drive a Land Rover. As to be honest I consider actually consiser that to be a better car for the field. But since they told me flatly that I don’t have the right to butt in….so they lost my business.

This bushing for the shock absorber is close to 90% failure. Had it disintegrated in the field – I would probably end up at a bottom of a ravine.


Bracket arm for the shock absorber is completely bent. Must have hit a rock or something real hard. It needs to be reformed with a blow torch back to the right angle and realigned with wheel set.


I am happy with the work today. She’s good to go!

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