Why Lawrence Wong and AVA are reinforcing failure

May 12, 2017

It is very big mistake to force Singapore farmers to adopt high technology to boost productivity. All this will do is increase the price of Singapore farm produce to such a point where it makes far more sense to continue importing farm produce from abroad instead of encouraging local commercial farming.

If the goal is to increase Singapore’s food security imperative – then Farmers should be given every encouragement possible to venture outside Singapore where land and water and labor is not only cheaper but also abundant as well.

They should farm elsewhere and export ONLY to Singapore.

Whatever ‘farming’ land in Singapore should only be university to train a new creed of frontier men.


‘No matter how you look at it commercial farming of both agri and livestock in Singapore will always be a lousy proposition no matter how you cut and splice it…this has nothing to do with intelligence, work ethic or for that matter how viable one’s business plan may be and everything to do the mathematics of what one is up against when one decides to start a farming enterprise in Singapore.

Bear in mind I am not saying vertical farming, hydroponics and even piped light cannot boost yield – that is not what I am saying. It can. But what is the point of all this great diffusion of energy….surely for something to have an intrinsic value for it to be worth doing – it would also have to be something that produces a gain or at least a competitive advantage. So what if Singaporean farmers build up the skill of arms to farm using space age high tech methods – does it really translate to cheaper produce for the end user in the supermarket? Can they really make a significant dent in the annual deficit of food produce into the island of Singapore?

When one considers that the cost of growing these produce will always be cheaper in neighbouring countries where land, utilities, labor and cost will always be significantly cheaper. Then that sweet point is where all the state’s resources should be wisely focussed instead of trying to reinvent the wheel by pursuing some pie in the sky strategy of leveraging on high tech.

So the way I see it will always be like this – the most capable farmers in Singapore should be given plenty of incentives to move their operations abroad. The role of AVA is to formulate strategies to support that sort of off shore network thru a series of staging post and by streamlining the logistics and approval at source. If possible AVA should do away with this medieval idea of of just being a glorified customs clearance office – they should specify how food should be grown in these off shore farms and even go as far as to relocate some of their operations to oversee food production at source point rather than just being a jaga of the gate in Singapore when it comes to food imports.

Where possible the most capable farmers should be pushed out of their comfort zone…as that is really where they can grow sustainably instead of wasting their time trying to do stupid things like tinkering with pallets of iceberg lettuce so that they can get more day light exposure by moving up and down just to track the sun. Why even need to bother about all that nonsense when they could just as well open up a new green field in those countries where land is cheap and abundant.

Of course when I talk like this everyone calls me Adolf Hitler….of course when I posit this way of how affordable and quality food should and can be brought to the table for the average Singaporean to enjoy some idiot in blogoland will always say, look he’s talking about Lebensraum again!

But it is precisely this big imperialistic mindset that has to be fostered in perhaps the same way the British planter of the imperial age relocated all the way to Malaya to plant rubber so as to keep the factories in Manchester and Birmingham well stocked with raw material or how they did the same for tea, coffee, spices right down to the humble table salt.

Instead we have bureaucrats quibbling over a measly 60 hectares! When all around them. There is land, land and land!

This is insanity!’

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