So what if Singapore doesn’t get goodies from OBOR

May 19, 2017

Even if China has a big axe to grind against the Singapore government. That’s strictly a case of bad blood between them. It really has nothing to do with you and me. They can go drill holes in each other’s head for all I care.

Even if these two strangers approach me and try to suck me in. I will just hand them both a laminated card that says,

‘I am autistic person who hopes to live a normal, harmonious and happy life. I am not too bright and seldom have an opinion. My parents once told me there are many things I don’t and will never understand in this world. So please kindly leave me out of it.’

After that they can go and resume killing each other. As I said, it’s got nothing to do with me and I rather not get involved. Dowan means dowan lah!

Only understand this! Nothing…absolutely nothing stops you as either an individual or enterprise owner from offering your services to benefit from OBOR.

This is really how I see it.


‘When you build a road or lay tracks frequently it’s not just something for cars, trucks and trains to ply thru. That’s not how it works. Look! the lands on both sides zipping past you are well irrigated. Someone ran hoses and piped water. There all sorts of fruit bearing trees and crops growing in neat rows and squares. From time to time maybe you will make out a barn or a tractor ploughing in the fields. Or maybe a scarecrow. If you look further beyond the fields maybe you could make out the faint trail from chimney stacks as well. Yes…someone is definitely making things nearby. And should you decide to stop and take a closer maybe you’ll even find a school, a town hall, a public square where even Starbucks or something familiar greets you.

But you must always remember….these sights and sounds that you see did not exist before. It all started with just a road or a sliver of track. Before that, there was really just a big nothing.

You just need to really see the trees from the forest.’

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