The best shoe in the world… my humble opinion

May 19, 2017

I get asked this question a whole lot. And every single time….it’s the same answer. Red wing.


‘To me. You can have as many pair of shoes. But if you have never ever owned a pair of red wings before. Then it’s a bit like visiting Paris and never ever seeing the Eiffel Tower. Or going to Nevada and missing out on the Grand Canyon.

In the grand scheme of things, owning a pair of red wings isn’t about prestige, style or even anything about the statement you want to make when you decide to walk out into the world wearing a pair of shoes.

It’s more about appreciation for the fundamentals, frequently mundane and never ever mentioned about things that goes in to make a first class pair of shoes.

The first thing that hits you about red wing shoes is the exceptional quality of the leather. You’re getting a beefy cut of the highest quality steer hide….it’s so good that at times I wonder to myself why even construct a shoe with this sort of material when it’s going to be used by oil rig workers wrestling pipes in the Bering sea?

It just seems like a tragic waste…..

But that’s what hits you the very moment you hold a pair of red wings in your hand….as when we talk about shoes it really just comes down to one thing…the raw material…the leather….everything else comes after only this really.*

* If you’re buying your first pair of red wings. Never get it online. As I can almost guarantee you 100% it will certainly be the wrong fit – as their size eight isn’t eight at all and closer to seven and as for their half sizes they’re closer to quarter increments…their fit sizes is a right mess. As every model seems to suffer from a particularity of fit that is unique since they never use the same last for every model though as they claim…it’s all different. And it’s been that way since they started making shoes a hundred over years ago.

Take my advise. Wear a pair of socks that you normally wear. Get yourself fitted by a professional in a physical shop. Insist on being fitted that way even should it feel right. Even if you have to pay a bit more. Even if it seems too tight and really uncomfortable when you walk right out of the shop wearing those new pair of shoes. That’s really the only advice I would give anyone who wants to own the best shoe in the world.

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