Why China should be kind and not be nasty to Singapore

May 21, 2017

China is not only a powerful nation. Whether China likes likes it or not, it is also a father figure to all nations outside China that has a significant Chinese population. That is why it is only natural for so many overseas Chinese to be happy and proud, when China assumes it’s rightful place in the world.

As all Chinese in this world share a common culture, values and philosophy – and it is only natural for them to want to see the old country respected and powerful – it is of course given, overseas Chinese may differ from mainland Chinese, but the differences are never so serious as to undo the things that continue to unite all Chinese under one umbrella.

If a father is wise. He would do well to remember this and never to close the door on his children or to make life so hard for them that their hearts will harden only for them to resent his authority…..the father should have the wisdom and magnimity to leave the door open and even make every effort to bring his children back into the fold of the family.

This is Dao of old country – it is the law of heaven and earth….the way of the farmer.


‘Not very long ago a group of landowners approached me and asked me to join them against a rival landowner. When I asked them – why do you all want to destroy this fellow. They all said, ‘he does not respect our ways and he always seems to want to do things his own way instead of abiding by our time honoured ways.’

Then I turned to one of them and asked, ‘tell me do you respect him?’ The man answered forcefully, ‘No!’ To which I replied, ‘then you should not be surprised that he does not respect you or for that matter any of you….are you all crazy…surely respect is not a one way street!’

I then went on to ask, ‘do you know why this landowner continues to conduct his business without regard to your ways? Have any of you ever sat down for tea with this man to ask what accounts for his way of doing things…maybe it is not personal….maybe that is the only way he knows how to gainfully make progress…maybe what he wants is not so different from you or me or any of you!’

To which someone on the table said, ‘No! He should know our ways.’

Only for me to retort back, ‘but none of you even know why he continues to do the things he does – so while you insist your way of doing things in the best way….you know nothing of his ways….and now you all want to gang up against this person….surely that is not the way one goes about gainfully making progress. I went on to share with these landowners – the future is at best murky and we would all do well not to burn bridges callously.

I went on to share with these landowners – go to this man and share with him your way, convince him that your way is superior to his. And give him enough carrots so that even if he is skeptical, he will still go along to give your way the benefit of the doubt.

Only after you have all done this. Do you come to me and speak of war…..above all keep the lines of communication open….and do everything possible to find common ground instead of just seeing the bad in others….as war is a very serious enterprise and it is like a very sharp and expensive sword….I went on to remind these businessmen, good quality swords are never waved around like axes as they are never ever used to split fire wood. Usually they are oiled, powdered and lovingly kept in their scabbards.’

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