It is stupid to try to dictate how China grows economically and militarily

May 22, 2017

From day one long before the SCS conflagration erupted I have always maintained it’s ultra dumb for any country or group of countries to gang up and try to dictate terms and conditions of China’s economic and military ascendancy. Not only in the South China seas, but in any region in the world. As to attempt to do so would only embroil those countries in an expensive and possibly ruinous war of attrition that even if it’s successful will only yield a Phyric victory.

It makes far more sense to try to find common ground with China and to grow with her.


‘If I harbour any reservations about Singapore’s foreign policy is it only this – too bloody much is invested blindly in the American position. So much so that it’s akin to putting all of one’s eggs into only one basket….there’s no fall back position…no room for improvisation even….it’s a die die must see to thru to the logical or illogical end policy.

That’s OK. If America is a reliable partner that values collaboration, relationships and continuation – but as Sitting Bull once said, ‘the white man speak with fork tongue.’ And that elder red indian statesman was spot on in his description of the US political mind.

As when one peruses the tumultuous course of human history in the context of power and politics. Every single administration that has ever aligned with the US to such an extent where they sharing the same bed with them have all been royally screwed in the ass.

Great Britain once allied with the US to fight Nazi Germany…what happened to them…they got shafted nice and proper after the war and that could well account for why no one these days ever bothers to call her great any longer. The shah of Iran was also a great ally of the US in the Persian Gulf and look what happened to him – he ended up wandering around like a carpetbagger begging for refuge in his final and sad days. Jimmy Carter the kacang puteh farmer betrayed him at a drop of the hat. The same happened to Marcos. When he boarded a US helicopter during the height of people power they told him that they were going to transport him to his home province, but instead he and his whole family were spirited to an US carrier. And the list of US pathological betrayal, treachery and double dealing goes right on….from Saddam Hussein to Gaddafi to every single leader who has ever placed their trust in the US.

Now you have Trump. You read carefully what I have to say – he too will throw Singapore to the wolves. Why? Because America needs OBOR. OBOR is the only game in town – and there are billions in consultancy, engineering and hardware services and supplies contracts that will create millions of jobs for Americans who are currently sleeping their cars in the wall-mart car park. Only OBOR has the potential to create all the jobs and opportunities America ever needs for the next fifty years and possibly longer – to cap it off many many things are broken in America…you just don’t see it….they are the only first world country with a third world railway system…their deep water port and dock facilities can be politely described as medieval…they need loads and loads of Chinese infrastructural investments if they are to connect to East to West coast…and it is only a matter of time before Trump will reach the realisation for him to materialise his pre-election promise to the American people he will have very little choice but to go with the Chinese. Not because he’s particularly fond of them or even finds them endearing, nice or interesting
– it’s only because the Chinese and no one else, not even the Americans themselves have the power to make America great again.

You mark my words…what I have said today will come to pass from the realm of theory to reality. It is a mathematical certainty.

The situation can at best be described as precarious. What needs to be done is to get very serious no nonsense diplomats who know the terrain of China power and politics like General Yeo back to bat for Singapore. Instead of dogmatically reinforcing failure!

This is not the time for amateur hour or to experiment…too much is at stake for Singapore and Singaporeans to miss out on OBOR.

The alternative is my kids will eat sand!

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