Terrorism and the Singaporean way of life

May 23, 2017

The Singaporean way of life MUST change to adjust to the looming terrorist threat. These evil folk are getting bolder and they seem to weaponizing everything from trucks to kitchen knives to carry out their evil designs. Neither do these fanatics seem to discriminate between hard or soft targets any longer…they just seem to want to chalk up the body count and maimed.

These are five chili evil folk.

In my mind it is not a question of whether a terrorist attack will take place in Singapore as much as when and how and by who…..given that this seems to be increasingly the new reality of life abroad – it is not reasonable nor practical to outsource everything to just the security and clandestine services in Singapore….they cannot possibly be everywhere neither do they have as many eyes as a pineapple.

But the public does, ordinary folk….teachers, bus drivers, train workers etc etc etc who are just going about their daily business in Singapore….they must be recruited as a matter of strategic precondition to interdict terrorist threats. That is the most effective method to blunt terrorism.

There is no other way.

Ordinary Singaporeans who go about their daily routine have to change their lackdaisal and bochap atttiude towards threats. They have to take a higher level of equity in home defense like perhaps ordinary Israelites. Not doing so is just inviting evil to come into their lives.


‘It is very difficult to impart total defense to people who don’t see the need for total defense…..but when you live as I do under the shadow of threats all the time. It becomes quite normal never to keep to a daily routine. To always keep one’s movements random and unpredictable. To such a degree the same route to and fro is seldom ever taken. To always look at the rear view mirror. To always drive with plenty of flush points. To always check one’s tires and the underside of the car before driving off. To never enter a building thru the front and only by backdoor and always only using the service lift. To even have a map of the building in one head. To always arrive at least a full hour before an appointment just to check out the location. To sit with one’s back against the wall in public. To always only order plain water and nothing else. To never go out after seven. To always interrogate anyone that comes before – what is your mission? Above all to always believe if a day starts and ends uneventfuly, it’s never because it was always meant to start and end that way.’

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