Mahathir the Father of Malaysian gutter politics

May 24, 2017

Mahathir believes he is God. That is why he thinks he can do anything he wants…that is also the reason why every problem that Malaysia currently confronts in the social economic sphere can be traced right back to his tenure as PM of Malaysia. You name it, Mahathir spawned it everything from cronyism and keeping his lackey’s fat to chronic corruption, brain drain, race based politics, to why so many Malaysians continue to suffer from a third world education system.


‘It’s very hard for good and decent people to rise in Malaysian politics – because the moment they sign up for the race their name gets dragged in the mud with all sorts of fabrications, half truths and in many cases malicious lies.

The funny thing about Malaysian politics is this method of bringing down a person actually works!

You look at Rosmah Mansor, the PM’s wife. She works with disadvantaged children to at least a hundred other noble charitable causes. But does it ever get highlighted? No! Instead every single day Rosmah is subjected to what I can only accurately describe as an industrial barrage of lies, rumors and half truths that are all designed to undermine her dignity and paint an undesirable image.

What can she do? Nothing….absolutely nothing…As even if she keeps a dignified silence it is interpreted as weakness or worse still acceptance bordering on tacit agreement….and that sort of working conditions can only do a lot to sap one of confidence, self esteem and everything good about a person. That is why Rosmah Mansor these days has began to retreat away from public life. She is less enthusiastic about her role as the PM’s Wife and who can blame her!

Because every time she does or says something – ini tak betul…itu Salah…under those acidic conditions even Gandhi, Mandela, Florence nightingale, Joan of arc or Mother Teresa will matilah…they will also put their hands up and pengsan and be demoralised etc etc that is the tap root of everything that is so wrong about Malaysian politics.

The political climate is so atrocious – now the only game in town is the biggest liar wins!

Lies, half truths and personal attacks have become the main apparatus of shifting public opinion and NOT reasoned, well argued and competently researched arguments as to how to make Malaysia a better place where every Malaysian can take pride in the idea of home.

That is why the Rakyat is systematically dumbed down by this steady diet of gutter politics into just a unthinking mob where they can be easily manipulated by diabolically manipulative puppet masters such as Mahathir and his power crazed clique
….and that is also the very reason why good, capable and decent Malaysians never ever want to volunteer for public service.

Lama lama jadi kubur lah!

When I next visit the capital of Malaysia KL. I will wear my No.1 Zegna bush jacket and pay Rosmah Mansor a visit. I will bring freshly picked wild flowers from the Kampung and when I present it to the lady, it will bring a sweet smile to her face.

As for Mamak & his gang. You watch and see on Election Day – we will pull the rug under his feet. On that day he will pull on all the levers of power in the internet and suddenly he will find to his horror it’s all connected to giant nothing…..I am not a nobody in the internet. I have been here when it was just a baby. I know every trap door, secret passage and every community to get things done and a lot of people owe me favors that I can easily call my IOU’s on….I know what can be accomplished….most importantly, I’ve seen enough of what Mahathirism is all about…enough is enough lah!

Tak Mahu lah!

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