May 24, 2017

I fertilized my lands on the 15-5-17, some nine days ago. After that I was seized by a moment of self doubt as I believed I may have been a tad too rash to have done so, so close to the advent of the dry season. Fortunately since then we had four rainy spells – it wasn’t much but it’s enough for the fertilizer to nourish the trees….it was a big risk.

But luckily it paid of.

I don’t think I want to ever cut it so thin again……next time round.


‘Whenever people ask me why I seem to do so well in farming. Usually I tell them I am just lucky. Most people think that’s just humility – but I don’t see it that way at all. As I’ve always believed luck plays a big role when things go well.

The good luck to be born to loving, supportive and responsible parents who always encourage one to greater heights, the good luck to met caring friends who genuinely take an interest in your well being and happiness (this is especially important when one is autistic), the good luck to come across kindred spirits who are always prepared to cut you slack and see only the good in you instead of always finding fault and beating you up all the time. The good luck in being able to make it thru to the other side safely despite the many hazards and pitfalls of this world.

Recognising that luck plays a big role in one’s success is very important as not only is it a very humbling it’s also the most reliable way to give one a reality check and not getting too big headed.

But whenever one comes across those who may still be struggling or trying to make ends meet – it serves as a valuable reminder not to judge them arbitrarily, callously or harshly – as maybe they didn’t enjoy the good luck that should have come their way…..Recognising the importance of good luck and what a preponderant role it plays in one life is the first step to remaining sensibly grounded.

As success can often be a hall of mirrors and all too often one can very easily mythologized one’s success to a point where one becomes blind to realities of this world – when this happens a man becomes not only arrogant, but he is also a menace of to mankind. ‘

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