New Arable land will be created by OBOR

May 27, 2017

Food security is an on-going and pressing concern for China; the country has 20 percent of the global population yet only five percent of its arable land is fit for cultivation. Russia, long a massive agricultural giant in the Soviet era, is now starting to recover this position and is experiencing a resurgence in agricultural development as it seeks to diversify its economy. Russia, in contrast, has about two percent of the global population and 13 percent of globally available arable land. Put simply, China needs Russian agricultural exports. The Russia-China agricultural space is an obvious match and investment opportunity, and especially so given the US and EU sanctions placed on the country. This also impacts on new Agro technologies. China is sourcing these from Russia and Asia, not the West. This means that two of China’s key critical needs are increasingly being serviced via Moscow.

This can only mean China will need to open up more arable land. By my estimation at least two hundred million additional hectares…..but where does such a land mass exist?


‘Listen to me very carefully. As I am sharing with all of you a very exciting future. Where rail lines run….and it doesn’t really matter where it is. The land will be levelled flat a pancake…ideal land for mechanized farming, swamps will be drained and mountains will be tamed due the prodigious need for granite. There will also be electricity. Definitely water and possibly even gas and petroleum pipelines. It makes perfect sense to cluster all these resource supply lines together to aid ease of servicibility.

In all probability the desert will be rolled right back and reclaimed as prime arable farming land as rail lines can transport rich alluvial soil cheaply and in vast quantities from the fertile river basins in the coastal regions to rehabilitate dead and useless soil deep in the interior. This will revivify the TOP soil and make possible farming on a large and commercial scale that the world has never ever seen before.

Many things will be built along this railway line as well where nothing currently features except maybe scorpions and snakes. The river will tamed with dams to generate hydro electricity, vast man made lakes will feature as well with power stations and wind farms, whole entire communities will rise up from the barren earth, man will begin to move inland and transmigration will reverse for the very first time in human history. It will not go from east to west or from the interior to the coast….the tide will reverse. The entire geoeconomics of food production will likely undergo a transformational revolution that is likely to shake the world. It will be so big that even the global weather pattern will likely go thru a man made shift….magnetic north will shift at least a full degree…the earths axis may even experience a slight wobble due to this unprecedented terraforming by humans instead of nature – in this new world. I will grow pineapples on both sides where this railway track runs. Not any pineapples, but the sweet, succulent and juicy variety that the great Singapore planter kapitan Nee Soon once grew. I will plant them by the millions…I will plant so far and wide that I can even make out the slight curvature of the earth at the corners of its extremities when I stand at one corner of my lands….I will plant so many pineapples that you can either walk north, east, west or south for days and as far as The Eye can see…they will just be pineapples. It will be farming on a scale that has never been seen before….the size…the geography it’s so humungously large it would be impossible for one to even comprehend let alone imagine.

Beside this railway line I will build a simple house with just two rooms like the one I currently reside in with a corridor kitchenette. I will rear birds on the upper floors, yellow fitches I reckon – as I like to hear them sing in the early morn. I will also breed fierce Doberman guard dogs to keep me company. And keep a few chickens for eggs and a cow for fresh milk. I may even get a nice round woman who doesn’t talk too much and likes to bake crumbly pineapple pies all day to share my life in this dream world. Next to this house I will have an airfield for crop dusting and a hangar to keep my Hondajet. Beside it there will be a processing plant and cannery to tin my pineapples. And just around it a small village where the workers will be housed. I will build a school, a community center, a hospital etc etc.

In the evenings when the sun goes down. I will install myself on a rocking chair and nurse a No.4 montecristo with a dog to my side and just watch the train go by where there was once just the nothingness of barren land….I have great dreams.’

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