Singapore must take advantage of OBOR otherwise she will be left behind

May 28, 2017

A new breed of Singaporean men would need to be sent to the outer reaches of the known world where the new land and maritime routes of OBOR run to gather information. They need to be able to identify the most suitable parcels of land that has the highest economic growth potential – all this needs to be done surreptitiously in absolute secrecy so as to not to alert the competition.

Do it quietly…

A whole range of skills will be required by these new breed of civil servants cum frontier men. They have to be adept in operating with minimal supervision, living and working for extended periods in hostile terrain for months and possibly years faraway from home. Some may not even be able return to see their families for decades as they have to be embedded so deeply within the folds of faraway communities where OBOR will canal thru.

These men will responsible for relaying back vital information. They will be the pathfinders that will supply vital intelligence to the planners back home to ensure that Singapore remains solidly economically connected to the world so that she will not be marooned in oblivion.

Just because no one invites you to a party doesn’t mean you don’t have a right to gate crash.


‘When one is born to autism. One rapidly comes to terms with the awful reality, there can be no such thing as a level playing field – it doesn’t exist, not for my kind at least. As since everyone thinks you are a dim wit, they will take a bite out of you. I don’t resent these people – it’s just the way of the world.

So in the moment of my youth I became acutely aware that if there’s such a thing as a level playing field – then it would have to be something that I would have to fashion with the power of my own hands.

As a consequence I dedicated myself to the study of war even at an age when most boys were content to read only comics – by the period when I had entered secondary school – I had read Sun Tzu’s art of war, Tacticus, Von Clausewitz and virtually every classical treatise on war. By form five, I knew every battle stretching all the way back to the Napoleanic period by heart. At that time I joined a D&D war gaming society in University despite still being only a secondary student. Though I was still a boy. I never lost a single battle. On virtually every single game I accomplished total and complete victory, often against numerically superior odds. So uncanny was ability that I was even frequently asked to demonstrate my prowess with brides of bicycles and other such gifts before men who were much older than I to play out various war games to which I delighted them no end by being able to recount with diabolical precision every detail of the battle right down to minute – I knew the placement of every single artillery piece, platoon etc etc etc.

But enough of blowing my own trumpet. I did all this as I realised that the notion of the level playing field would always be something that would always be denied to me. There was a tragic finality to my realisation that eventually became a signature trade mark of my existence – I would always be the man who could see intricate plans within plans when all others could only see what was before them – to my understanding of the known world…nothing was ever so straightforward as to present itself simply as what it was…not even when that was all it seemed to rediate. In my understanding of the known world that could only be a form of deception like a snake that pretends to play dead only to lull its prey into a false sense of security only to suddenly spring to life and strike…..everything in this world was infused with the quality of intrigue and the mystery of hidden designs and I would see it all before me in marvellous completion.

let us cut to the chase in the name of brevity – two things are jugular to secure a decisive victory. The first is good intelligence. Accurate and reliable first class data is vital for sound planning to ensure designs past from the realm of theory to reality seamlessly.

Good intelligence makes possible the art of scaling opposition precisely and the allocation of resources to annul a threat effectively with the least waste to men and materiale.

The second is the strategic importance of surprise. Without surprise there can be no decisive victory.

With these twin heads of arcanum concerning war – even should you face extraordinary opposition from a foe that is numerically superior who is out to deny you at every turn and opportunity – one can still win or least draw and even should you lose, the heavy losses inflicted would only allow the victor to seize the chimeria of a Phyric victory….but no matter outcome this is the closest that you will ever come to a level playing field.

Life cannot be so simple where if others want to you to die….you just die.’

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