OBOR will change how war is conducted between nations

May 28, 2017

Consider this as only a prelude of how this new method of war will unfold with the advent of OBOR…the key alloys to strengthen steel are as follows – nickel, chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium. Highest in the list of demand for the production of steel is Chromium. This in part would seem at first to have something to do with its apparent rarity and perhaps how the Western Hemisphere continue to enjoy monopolies of this rare metal from S.Africa – only four countries on this planet have reserves of Chromium, but the real constraint seems to be accessibility especially in Afghanistan and the Voskhod mine in the north-west of Kazakhstan. They’re land locked and too far from mercantile routes. Voskhod I imagine must be strategic to China not only for Chromium, but perhaps also for uranium to fuel its nuclear plants – it’s the closest, but distance can be deceptive when one considers Kazakhstan has terrible roads and even less of anything resembling a modern rail network – chromium reserves in Kazakhstan are estimated to have reserves of 27.1 million tonnes of ore grading 48.5% chromium. The 27.1 million tonnes of ore contains 13.1 million tonnes of chromium metal. Much less purity per pound when compared to S.African extraction methods….but it will have to do for China. As without Chromium to glaze jet engines they would lack the durability for sustained flight…marine grade steel would decay into uselessness in days and it is quite stupid to talk about heavy industries without Chromium….it’s like talking about baking fruit cakes without ever once mentioning raisins.

OBOR plans to run thru not only Kazakhstan but directly into the mining heartland.

The same equation of demand, rarity and accessibility seems to go for a whole range of materials in this world as well…..Let’s talk about phosphorus. what about it – I hear there is a mine in Togo deep in Africa….but mining is one thing transporting it is yet another. Apart from being component of the nucleotides essential to life, Phosphorus forms the basis of NPK (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium) fertilizers which forms the essential building blocks of modern high-intensity agriculture, and incidentally the only means by which to feed the world. And it’s running out like all materials….

Today, the only economically viable sources of phosphate are phosphate rocks, which are limited and depletable. Just how much Phosphorus remains is a contentious question, but conservative estimates put depletion of exploitable reserves within 200 years. Adding a bite to this already sad story of material demand and depletion is the fact most of the planet’s reserves of phosphate rocks are controlled by a handful of nations. Morocco alone controls an estimated 77% of global reserves….but again like Togo mining it is one thing….transporting it to market is quite another.

Under these conditions, it is quite easy to imagine both Chromium and phosphorous may one day in the not too distant future be as valuable and fought-over commodity as oil is today.

This considered, it is a dark irony is it not that OBOR runs thru these countries…yes the war of the future will be material based…their location will be new choker points….the nation that controls these routes will win.


‘One of the keys of power is to control the means to create the future – consider this who owns most of the patents on battery technology. Could it be the people who might be trying to make electric cars run further and faster on one charge….No! It’s actually the petroleum industry. They own more patents on battery technology than all the handphone and laptop manufacturers in the world combined. Don’t you think that’s odd and that’s merely an succinct illustration of an attempt to control the means to create the future. As when that means is retarded then dependence of fossil fuels can only persist and that in turn becomes the very means to fossilize the status quo – to put it another way, those who have both the intelligence the means to intercept the future will also be able to create outcome that will determine the future itself – all this it seems is driven by what we so often describe as the unseen hand of the profit motive.

But nothing could be further from the truth….it is really something far more sinister and cunning….a continuation of politics by other means perhaps besides the primitive conduct of war. But nonetheless it’s intent is precisely that is it not. As when the means to deny a vital raw material can have such a preponderant effect on the outcome to alter it completely….then what we have is actually the clearest expression of war making in its purest form. It’s elegance is truly spellbinding equalled only by its utter simplicity of will.

The capacity to deny is hardly novel in man’s quest for ever more inventive ways to subjugate his fellow men…Gandhi spun cotton not because it made him look sagely and far removed from worldly affectations. Rather he did so as an act of rebellion against this idea of the politics of denial in the way the colonialist imposed a cotton moratorium on the production of Indian cotton despite India being a leading primary producer of this commodity.

Modern politics of denying one’s adversaries access to vital raw materials and trade routes goes hand in hand with beliefs concerning magic. The Americans and their lackeys by crafting the imagined economic parallel universe the called the TPP catered to this expertly. A willingness to believe not in economics. Or for that matter the miraculous formula of creating value to increase revenues. Rather their designs involved an intricate array of supranational laws that all formed a web of deny China market access – it was a marriage predicated on shamanic thinking and it’s departure from the sober assessment of reality of never being able to contain China proved fatal at the end. As skillful as the Americans and their allies were in the conceptualization of the magic circle called the TPP….even their half baked conspirators have to rank as mere amateurs compared to the willful ideologues of the Chinese….these are the master deniers who not only see the world and its intrigues prosaically. But more importantly unlike the dreamers of the TPP who once believed all they could do to forge a new world order was to scribble ink on paper. Instead they will lay down steel tracks and pour trillion of tons to breathe life into create the future……such pure will to power that even defies expression. My God how intricate it is – to see its inner workings in marvellous completion…to see it in every detail.

Nietzsche once wrote about this sentiment in the will to power – “It is not enough that you understand in what ignorance man and beast live; you must also have and acquire the will to ignorance. You need to grasp that without this kind of ignorance life itself would be impossible, that it is a condition under which alone the living thing can preserve itself and prosper: a great, firm dome of ignorance must encompass you.”

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