Big fat rain last night

May 29, 2017

Last night at around ten it rained….it was a big rain. Big enough to suggest the dry season hasn’t fully closed in just yet. I needed this rain. I needed it badly. As I fertilized my trees on the 15th of this month – it was plenty late but nonetheless I took a risk. Usually I never ever stick my neck out that far as the onset of the dry season in these parts is quite regular….but on this occasion I decided to run with my gut feel.

Since then we just four to five light showers and plenty of kicking myself moments – drizzles are good. I am not complaining. As these are exactly the sort of rains one really needs directly after manuring. As it’s light enough to moisturise the soil and break down the fertilizer progressively in stages, but not so heavy and excessive as to wash all of the good stuff away.

This heavy rain last night caps off everything very nicely….it’s really like a final chapter of a good book.

Today I went down to the lowlands and checked all the drainage points – there was no excess run off….that’s very good as it means most of the rain was soaked up by the parched soil with very little run off.

I am happy for small blessings.

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