Islam is a peaceful religion

May 29, 2017

In the Kampung. There are a lot of Malays. And all of them are Muslims. Most of them are good Muslims. And my experience is that they are very tolerant of austistic folk. They may well think one is odd. They may even express this observation to others in their community. They may not even understand what exactly is autism… but nonetheless they will always make plenty of allowances to fit one into the local community where one is always treated with care, respect and friendship.

That is because in Islam even should one come across a person who is like a square peg in a world full of only round holes – it is the prophets way of demonstrating to his disciples – this is actually how the world is and it is a test of one’s patience as a good Muslim to always be wise, compassionate and caring even to those who may be different from them.

Islam can do all this and much more as it is not just a religion, but also a super duper culture where their adherents believe that it is so infinitely big and all encompassing in its scope that it can even absorb all the weirdness in this world with complete and total understanding and calmness and wisdom without once ruffling it’s feathers….this is the hallmark of all great and superior schools of thought…they are not skittish, highly confident and spatially so huge that they cannot be shaken….it’s impossible to shake Islam….it’s bigger than even this planet or solar system or milkyway…that’s how it is to me….it’s very very big.

But in the Chinese community. It is the complete reverse. When a man is perceived as weird or even slightly odd….that will be interpreted as a sign of weakness and they will all gang up and ostracise him. And should this weirdo be successful…God help him lah. They will call him all sorts of hurtful names and even drag his name thru mud for fun sake and after that they will all descend on him like vultures and rob him with impunity. There is no will to undersrand or to even be compassionate, ethical or humane….it is just the law of the jungle. The strong prevails. The weak must perish. Either that or seek liberty in suicide. That is why when one is autistic and turns the wheel of life in the rural provinces in a Chinese community one can only aspire to be like a warlord….because if one is a warlord one cannot possibly be weird or odd. As anyone who says that publicly…matilah…he must aspire to a hard and implacable man who never ever smiles and rules with an iron fist.

That is why when some people insist on telling me Islam is the root of all evil – I just walk away and usually I feel a deep sense of profound sadness, as nothing in this world can be as painful as watching others live under the yoke of terminal ignorance…it is a form of death.

I don’t need others to tell me what is real and false in this world. I realise there a lot of mental cases running around and killing people in the name of Islam. But I don’t know where these people are really come from….as what they stand for is so foreign to what I have experience first hand about Islam and Muslims….. I have lived long enough in this world to know deep down in the marrow of my bones, what is truly true and false…..and what I say is the truth.

Islam is a peaceful, compassionate and loving religion.

Many things can be learnt from Islam.


‘When you think you understand a thing. But you actually know nuts about it – then it’s very easy to hit it. When you think you understand a thing. But you actually know only a bit about it – then some times you will hit it, but you will also hold back. But when you really understand a thing for what it really is – then you can only be a very quiet man.’

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