May 30, 2017

When we walk along the dodo hall of fame and peruse thru history and ask ourselves why do all empires eventually wax and wane only to return to the nothingness of dust….it would at first appear, it might all have something to do with some apocalyptic event such as prolonged drought, famine or natural disaster that led to their eventual demise….but when we sieve thru the wreckage of this human carnage and drill deeper….then what will emerge at some point in this investigation is the awful realisation – the rot started from deep within and worked it’s way out to destroy these empires. Their demise had nothing to do with external factors and everything to do with how the means by which they once perpetuate themselves to greatness simply gave out and came to an epic halt – all human achievements are a result of an ideology. When we study the civilizations of the past we discover there is an ideology behind everything, and this is very closely related to identity. When we look at the modern world and ask what is our current identity? Our current ideology? I believe much of the problems we face is in part due to mankind’s lack of an ideology where we can be assured and secure with our identity individually, how can we go forward? We need to know where we come from so we know where we are headed. If our ideology is just to own the latest smart phone or make it to the forty two level of the world of Warcraft and as long as my favourite football team wins the league, then I think our destiny is truly finished.

‘I used to think. No. I mean to say I once believe for change to take place one would have to stand high on a soap box and shout out one’s message as loud as possible. I now realise how flawed that was – as real change must first take place within the nucleas of the individual. He must first learn to interrogate everything that was once poured into his head like tomato juice. He would do well to even take it all apart and assemble it back again like an engine so that he might perhaps understand the inner workings along with the nexus between cause and effect of things for what they really are instead of what he was always told like a monkey trained to pick coconuts….It is only after this process of purification can the power to effect change work it’s way out from the individual and spread like seeds of life to the broader world. Above all it is not how much this reincarnate man would have to pour into this emptied head again to be useful agent of change. Rather it all hinges on his preparedness to unlearn so many things that once manage to encrust themselves in what we would term his thinking.

It would seem this is easy, but it is not….it is very difficult – as the very moment once tries to question even the very basis of what one actually knows to be true. The very moment one begins to prise open the hermetically sealed mind that is the self. There is already a conspiracy to undo that process and the perpetrator is hardly someone else. Rather it is the self that will resist this process most vigorously tooth and nail….it is the enemy within.’


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