Elusive peace accord

June 3, 2017

The peace concord that I have with the rest of the landowners is likely to break down. Both sides are working hard to best position themselves in an business environment that is fast moving from a surplus to conditions of acute scarcity. As a result in the constant struggle for opportunities conflict cannot be avoided…it must be accepted as an operating condition even if it risky and uncomfortable.

I expected this to happen and I will make the first move to strike economically while adopting the posture that all I ever want is peace….this appearance of contradiction will have to be maintained no matter how ludicrous.

For months I have been secretly preparing to break the accord with a surprise move to deny the millers fruit. This I have done by improving all the roads to their mills to lead them to the belief that I have every intention to work with them on a long term basis. Nothing could be further from the truth. Unbeknown to them I have also been secretly training day and night to move my fruit across the treacherous eastern route – many believe this route is impassable but I have secretly built a network of staging areas to refuel and stage the produce to final destination. I do not need this to be economically sustainable….it cannot be profitable to move fruit across such distances and still materialise a decent profit….that is why, all the trucks will be empty and covered with taurpalin and the tire pressure deflated to give the impression they are all carrying heavy cargo…all that is needed is to create the illusion the impossible can be done.

Of course in the short term I will incur a substantial loss, but in the long term it will all go my way…it is all an elaborate deception. As the real fruit will be moved by trailers using highways.

Nothing beyond this is required to accomplished a successful first strike to bring the millers to the negotiating table. Thereafter I will take off my shoe and bang it on the table to demand a better price. Or else….

The way I see it – there is no value to peace….it is and will always simply be a sweet dream. However if I fight and fashion myself to be a troublemaker par excellence, at least, I stand a better chance of getting a fair share of the pie. I will take my chances out in the open despite the risk.

However if I leave it to crooks to apportion what I should get rightly get….I am likely to go hungry. That is 100%.

War is simply a continuation of politics by other means.

All warfare is based on deception.


‘On a personal level it is very sad that China and Singapore does not get along. As a Father it is only natural for me to want my children to grow up in the best country in the world. But I am a realist. As even if there is such a thing as a best country in the world….it will not come from the benevolence, sagacity and good will of America or any other patriachial country for one simple reason.

They’re not what they used to be any longer…and even if they are – why should they stick their neck out to make you great. I am not saying the US is a basket case. No! But no one can deny these days they’re not as self confident as what they used to be….these days the US cognitive map simply reads of endless contradictions where words always seem to fall short of action.

If there is such a thing as the best country….it must be created from within and not by putting one’s faith in some miraculous external power.

That can only be done with sound strategy, risk taking and great sacrifice. I see the situation prosaically – things are already bad. So what does peace really pay out? Peace can really only command an intrinsic value if it is able to increase the wealth of a nation. But if comes at an exorbitant cost of slowing curling up to just die like the way a candle eventually surrenders to darkness….then I say it makes far more to sense to wage an economic war of opportunity at as many fronts as possible.

As even if one cannot win – at least they is the prospects of something better than a peace that pays out so very little.

You know in life…..people who are bigger and more powerful than you can certainly not invite you to a party. But as I always said nothing…absolutely nothing stops you from gate crashing the party and eating as much cake as you want.’

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