AVA should learn from Qatar running out of food

June 6, 2017

Many residents rushed to supermarkets in Qatar this morning to stock up on food items after waking up to news of Saudi Arabia closing the country’s only land border.

Most of the shelves were empty.


‘The idea of agriculture and livestock in Singapore will continue to languish…only because the operable word that determines the entire policy outlook is based on ‘in.’ Attempting to grow food commercially IN land scarce Singapore will always be a lousy proposition to both consumers and farmers.

Such a policy will only encourage mediocrity and it is unlikely to bring down the cost of produce for most Singaporeans.

AVA should instead use all the available gazetted arable land in Singapore to only train farmers and encourage them with innovative financing schemes to venture beyond Singapore to farm where land is both plentiful and fertile.

Singapore needs to build a cadre of frontier men to create a hinterland.

These offshore farmers can be incentivised to supply Singapore with produce and livestock. This strategy will not only lower the cost of food for Singaporeans. But since there is close cooperation between AVA and these offshore farmers. This will allow the former to specify how food should be correctly grown for the Singaporean market. The criticality of this aspect is especially important from a food safety standpoint since herbicides are extensively used in agrarian produce, especially livestock where the brazen use of antibiotics for fisheries and poultry is currently unregulated – Inaddation to this role AVA should be tasked to increased Singapore’s offshore land mass by at least ten thousand hectares in the next five years.* These off shore sites should be spread out thruout the world to increase produce diversity and doing so would hedge the risk of location specific diseases and the erratics of weather phenomenon – this way if there is algae bloom in Pulau Ubin the HDB auntie would not pengshan because the price of fish spikes.

Above all the lazy fat people in AVA should wake up and use their imagination to bring increased value to all Singaporeans.’


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