The art of manliness – chapati

June 11, 2017

There are many ways to make chapati. But this I find to be the best way. It is the dry season and I am planning to fall old trees and replant on another plot of land. I will need to camp out for a whole month possibly longer to undertake the surveying, contouring and final replanting. It’s going to be tough on mentally as replanting will likely test every aspect of my skills as a planter and physically demanding as well. As I have to be up on the crack of down and work twelve hour shifts seven days a week for a whole month. Chapati is the best food in the field. Unlike rice it is very low glycemic food and will provide plenty of sustained energy. In the field it is very important to conserve water. That is why I eat chapati in the field.

I will eat chapati will canned sardines.


‘All frontier men can cook. They eat very well that is why if you notice they are insulated from the corrosive effects of bad food and that keeps away premature aging – that is because the first criteria of living in a harsh environment is to be as healthy as one possibly can. This is strategic. This cannot be accomplished when one doesn’t know how to cook. As all sorts of poison is regularly laced in commercial food. The only way to guarantee the best products is to cook it yourself. If you do not know how to do this. One day when you are in the wild prospecting for land when the Chinese build their railway. You will die! You will not go very far. As since you do not know how to hunt and cook. You will eat so much tin food that it will end up killing you. So you better take my advise and start and laying off maggi noodles and learn how feed yourself like a real man.

Being able to cook well is not only a very important life skill. But it will also enable you to save time and money as well. Girls also find men who know how to cook very attractive as well. As since cooking is a mystery of most Singaporean women that will mean you can only be a highly desirable catch, IF you know how to feed yourself and your mate without too much fuss. So please learn how to cook.

As frontier men are required to prospect for opportunities when OBOR starts…there is not much time as the Chinese work very fast and they are likely to clear vast swathes of land in the wilderness….the first to chope will win! – it is quite clear to me that the custodians of power do not share my vision of being able to prosper despite our differences with China. Nonetheless we will do our own thing and go the other way.

Please learn how to cook. One day when many of you are out in the wild thousands of miles from home….you will thank me*. I am sorry if I nag. But it is important.’

*Eight years is a very long time to be away from home. Many people will never understand why it is so difficult to return home. But once you start something everything just seems to pile up. There is never enough hours in a day to ever come near to finishing…there is always more it seems – that is how I see it. And this why it is a very lonely road because many will not be able to understand duty, responsibility and the ethics to see a thing thru to the very end. These days such traits are considered old fashioned and undesirable as people much prefer to live an easy life where everything under the sun can be negotiated. They seem to spend all their time complaining this is not right that is wrong…not realising they have all the power within the palm of their hands to make their lot better. This is the sick society that we live in today.

The pithy summary is at the end of the day you will always be alone. You will always be misunderstood and your trials and tribulations will always be only yours and yours alone where no one can ever aspire to be at one with. The people who once loved you will forget….I do not blame them. That is something that I have learnt to accept quietly and calmly as best I can. As best any man can.

The only prospects of redemption is only you will know what you have accomplished and why it could have only be done this way and no other way….it is indeed very little…but it is enough.

There are however however moments when I do step into my time machine – I cook dishes that I used to eat back home in Singapore. When I bring it to my lips…it always makes me smile. As I remember. Yes…I do. It has been eight very long years…..forgive me…above all do not forget me that is very little to ask.’

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