The new frontier called OBOR

June 12, 2017

In 1818 after the signing of the Treaty of St Mary’s, when the native red indian nation agreed to move from Central Indiana, nearly 8.5 million acres were opened up west of the Mississippi…Virginia..Ohio..Tennessee became the. new settlements for farmers and miners. By 1830 the frontier extended only by ten miles every year mostly by horse drawn wagon. When the Vanderbilt’s laid tracks across the mid west – that was when the frontier moved by one hundred and forty to fifty miles every year. With the invention of the internal combustion engine in the form of the commercial and private automobile, the frontier began to fill up almost overnight and shanty towns were transformed into gleaming cities. Later on with commercial aviation satellite townships began to radiate from these centers to what it is today…..but once upon a time there was nothing in these places except buffolo herds and the red Indian.

History does not lie….she will repeat herself again…only this time the frontier will extend at a speed that will defy even history itself.

‘OBOR is so big that it must be a security headache for both China and the host countries….to such an extent that if you walked into the ministry of interior with just a tube of mentos in your pocket and point to a place somewhere where an OBOR road or railway line runs on a nondescript map and say, ‘I would like to make an unsolicited bid proposal for a one hundred concession year lease of one thousand hectares of land here! Where X marks the spot! At that very moment. Everyone in that building will turn to you and hold their breathe. You will even be able to hear a feather fall to earth. Thereafter the tea auntie to the director general and even the minister himself right down to the office parrot will raise their hands to heaven get down on their knees and shout out loud to heaven, ‘hellaluya lah! Our prayers have been finally answered! The prophecy is true…it is true!’ Shortly thereafrer a representative from the ministry of 1,001 pleasures will ask you discreetly whether you are married – if the answer is no, they will even assemble all the local beauties for your selection. Even after you have made a selection. They will ask you to take another one more just for variety sake as it can get awfully lonely where you have decided to turn the wheel of life. Three some more best if you happen to believe in the power of triangles and pyramids. You will be feted as a national hero. The president will invite you for a tea accompanied by a red carpet twenty one gun salute complete with ear shattering church bell clangings. You will be awarded Pour le merit with full honors and even a fly past. Children will sing songs about you and you will be so popular that Yuri Gagarin would look like a dwarf standing next to you….you want to know why….because no one wants to go where you want to go…..they fear to go where angels fear to thread.

I am not kidding it’s all there for the taking. It’s been that way all along in man’s history whenever a new frontier opens up….no one wants to go there…they are all afraid….and there is absolutely no reason for it not to play out exactly the same way that it has always played out.

Absolutely none….history will repeat itself again!

Only remember do your research. Work like a secret agent. Get satellite photos of where you think X marks the spot is. Perform a detailed analysis on what you think is likely to happen when a railway or road cuts into that area – make sure there is water nearby, be it surface or ground water, it matters not, but make sure there is a source. As land without water no good. Nothing is going to happen there…above all make sure you have a strategy that no one can ever see. Share it with no one….keep it entirely to yourself…the place where X marks the spot. Then strike!’

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