June 13, 2017

The time is right to replant…I will bring down every tree. Press the reset button and plant new ones. Yes…the time is right…I must strike now. Otherwise the wet season will undo me.


‘Timing is everything when it comes to replanting oil palm. Do it wrong and all it would do is encourage fungus growth and this would create root related diseases that will undo the new replants. To do it right weather conditions just needs to be right. The humidity has to range between no more than 70 to 75 percent moisture. This only occurs twice in every year for very brief periods. The soil can’t be too parched, it needs a bit of moisture. So I have to do core samples daily to gauge the right soil conditions. When everything is just right , excavators tooled with sharp knives will dig out the trunk and root stem of the old trees. The stem needs to be chipped to larger than 10 cm and splayed out to sun for at least a full month to remove most the fungus. Only then will the newly replanted trees be healthy.’

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