One more thing to worry about…Singapore

June 15, 2017

I have so many things to worry about….I worry constantly about the erratic weather like a little mouse scurrying here and there to avoid larger than life elephants from stomping me….I worry about replanting, whether it will all go as planned or will I be bogged down by something that I didn’t foresee…I worry about the people who I love and cannot be with in Singapore. I worry they will all forget me. I worry there is not enough hours in a day to do what is needful…now on top of all my worries…I worry about the future of Singapore.


‘People who have little or no understanding of duty, responsibility and the ethics of seeing a thing thru to its very end can never take a full sweep of the bigger picture in life. They are prone to be selfish, self centered and worst of all they believe the entire world revolves around only them.

In the old days when men were really men – they would smile even when deep down inside they were filled with only sadness and self doubt. They smiled not for themselves. Rather for others – as to do so would give others the permission to nurse the embers of their hopes in a better tomorrow.

They would steel themselves and put up a brave front in the face of adversity and hardship even when deep down all they wanted to do was put their tail between their legs and run as fast as their legs could carry them. They did all this so well that all others could only make out this could be none other than a man of steel who was never in any doubt that victory was and will always come to past. Even against overwhelming odds – the mythical man would stare out defiantly into the sum of fears of all other men. As deep down such men realised all other men drew strength from only him. Above all those men of lore knew for the line to hold straight and tight like a drum – they could never allow themselves to be any other sort of men, not even the men who they knew they actually were, except this one man of steel, who would always set his own little interest aside for the needs of the many.

Very little in life I have observed can be accomplished without the study of this discipline.’

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