The worlds biggest rain when it’s supposed to be bone dry

June 17, 2017

The time now is half past one in the afternoon – it’s been raining buckets for the last one and half hours and it’s still going strong with no signs of let up. Today is the 17th June, we should be right in the slot of the beginning of the dry season….but instead the world’s biggest rain is on us.

The world’s biggest rain will likely upset my replanting schedule by a whole week and possibly longer beyond Hari Raya that falls on the 25th of this month. Possibly a whole month, that will certainly put me in the danger zone.

I need to fashion a plan B to deal with this unexpected set back. Otherwise I will miss the narrow window for replanting for the whole of this year.


‘I waited longer than usual this year to commence replanting. I waited. As I didn’t trust her – the weather that is. She’s being coy since the year began, exactly like a siaow charbor…playing fuck me, no I dowan, fuck me, no dowan…but things started to regularise quite nicely in the middle of last month. The temperature went up, humidity started to drop and I took it as a firm yes. So I started on the 15th of this month…convinced that La Niña was a no show this year.

But with these rains today….I am not so sure I read the terrain right this time. I might have been caught with my pants down. More rain is expected tomorrow.

Rain now is double edged sword. On one hand it hydrates the soil making it much easier for the excavator to uproot stubborn palms. But if this continues for longer, it would get too muddy and dangerous to work…..I don’t think it’s La Niña. I don’t believe she has curled her fingers and her nails are all like sharp talons….no. I reckon this is just an abnormality… will dry out wonderfully next week.

Yes the rains will help me a bit….or that is what I hope for at least. The alternative is I will be mucho fucked for this whole entire year.

Whatever happens I will find a way out from this fix….I am sure something will present itself. I just need to relax and not read too much into today’s rain.

But then again this is the first time in the last ten years that it has rained so heavily in mid June. Usually the skies are bleached white this time of the year with hardly any rain clouds.’

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