To work or not to work today – Sunday

June 18, 2017

A sizeable rain system is headed our way from the west in Indonesia. It may or may not hit today. As the winds are only blowing at 3 knots from a westerly direction. But things can change at a blink. The workers are pensive…they are just standing around.

I need to give orders…..

I may have to form a not so secret committee to decide on whether to undertake a strategic retreat and cancel or to push on. Since some of the committee members have to be monkeys – there is obviously a conflict interest. As since they are particularly fond of palm fruit….naturally they much prefer the trees to be felled. The magpies I am not so sure will agree with the monkeys. They like to build their nest high up on palm trees…they much prefer the trees stay upright….there are really more important things to tackle besides their petty politicking.

While we are on the subject of committees and who should be and not be in them. I may need to form yet another secret committee to look into what I should eat in the field today and the day after for lunch. It seems the sea was way to rough yesterday….so none of the fishermen ventured out. I like to eat fish. But then again I don’t mind mutton either….I can’t decide. So I will leave it to the secret committee to sort it out.

Yesterday when I returned back to the plantation house. Sammy the snake was blocking the gate like a giant log. I nearly crashed into Sammy. I had to park my car outside last night. As Sammy didn’t want to budge and he’s way to heavy to just pick up and throw to one side like when he used to be a baby snake.

I am very happy to see Sammy again. I have not seen him for over two long years. Sammy is a phyton, what species I am not exactly sure….I raised him from a baby in a tub when his mother abandoned him. But since he grew too large and frightened my workers and tried to murder my dogs a few times. I had to let him go and find a home in the lower section of my lands. Sammy has grown into a monster snake….but he still recognises me. He stuck his tongue out when he saw me. That in snake lingo means Hi! Long time no see or something like that….. The heavy rains yesterday must have either scared or disorientated Sammy….pythons always return home when they sense something amiss – the freaky weather has certainly spooked them. Again I may decide to form yet another secret committee to look into the prospects of whether Sammy should stay or return back to the swamp.

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