Being proud of who you are

June 21, 2017

This morning I had a meeting with my surveyors. One of them told me since the weather had taken a turn for the worst….it’s impossible to keep to the schedule. I turned to this fellow and thanked him for his assesment…thereafter I told him politely to leave the conference room.

Thereafter I asked the rest – anyone else want to tell me it cannot be done?

After a lot of teeth sucking sessions, looking down and what I can only describe as a very uncomfortable pause….I proceeded to suggest we deal with the early arrival of the rains by digging trenches instead and burying all the chipped material….additional land surveys will have to be conducted to carry out this sudden and unexpected shift in strategy – as the planting configuration will have to be radically altered to accommodate these new trenches.

We will start work first thing tomorrow at seven….I ended the meeting with the words…gentlemen failure is not an option…thereafter I thanked them all and took my leave.

After that I went for another meeting with the earth works contractors….they told me the same thing and I responded in a similar manner.

Work will continue…..failure is not option…we will win!


‘When one is born into autism. The world will stick a badge on one’s lapel that says, ‘I am a weirdo.’ Understand this clearly! The world will do this! Why is not important…neither is whether it is right to do so….only understanding that the world will do this is and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it!

That is why when one is autistic – one has to be more determined than ‘normal’ people to seek out one’s calling in life. Normal people have more options since they are very versatile. They can given time adapt to even grow fond of a job that they once loath…but not autistic folk. We tend to be more rigid and set in our ways…for instance I like to see things being lined up neatly…it comforts me to see neat rows of trees….it’s a source of happiness…so being a planter is very satisfying and deeply edifying to my nature…my point is being able to find one’s niche is really the point of equalization.

There is no point in following the way of the world – they will give me a mop and ask me to clean toilets….or have me work assembling vibration toys that bring happiness to spinsters in cold lonely nights…that is the way of the world.

One has to go the other way….

Above all one must wear this badge that the world has pinned on one with pride….it must serve as a reminder that life will always be unfair and there is no such thing as a level playing. Not for you. For others maybe …but never you!

And the only way you will ever get to kick a ball on a level playing field is if you own the stadium and everyone else on the pitch!

If you do not take my advice – you will always be despised, humiliated and always disrespected in this world… it is worthless to rely on the forebearance, goodwill and sagacity of others to treat you well when one is autistic. If one is lucky, one may of course come across such good souls from time to time….but unfortunately there are not enough of these good natured people to make a profound difference to your life to better it…..and it really boils down to you…that is all there is to it…what I have shared is certainly not pleasant to read…this I completely take responsibility for. Only understand this! What I have shared is the solemn truth… now you know the score if you’re born into autism….failure is not an option.

Life is cruel!’

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