The government does have a right to decide on the house….but

June 22, 2017

The Super duper committee should be formed and tasked with deciding what to do with LKY’s house only AFTER mini Lee has stepped down from the office of the PM of Singapore.

So long as mini Lee continues to remain in power while the committee is operative….the question that must be asked is whether it is possible for the committee members to discharge their duties without undue influence and without fear or favor?

That I will leave to you….the perceptive reader to answer. I have no comment….what I will say is this…this cannot be business as usual any longer.

After all given that this most ugly family spat has spilled over into the public domain – the onus on the government must be correspondingly higher so as to take stock of the prevailing sentiment to ensure whatever decision is reached on LKY’s house has to be derived independently, free from undue influence and most crucially serves the greater interest of Singaporeans and not just to further the interest of one man who may have an agenda.


‘The allegations levelled against the PM and his wife are so serious as to include perverting the course of law, misusing the state apparatus in such a manner where it is tantamount to criminal intimidation to outright abuse of power etc etc etc….then the government of the day cannot just come across as embodying the form of being independent without buying into the content rigorously – that is to say the government would do well to take stock of prevailing sentiments and make every effort to assure the public, stakeholders and institutions that the decision making process concerning LKY’s house is free from any undue influence by the office of the PM and other person or persons.

It would seem one way to respond intelligently to these allegations would be rebut them robustly…but I don’t see how this can nearly be enough to sufficiently blunt these allegations simply because to do so would simply make the problem bigger instead of reducing it size and impact by both parties escalating the impasse in public.

As a simple minded austistic farmer who is probably sun stroke since I have been out in the field since seven – the crux of the issue is not whether the PM actually influenced the outcome of the decision of the committee that is tasked to decide on the final outcome of what will eventually be the fate of LKY’s house.

Rather the real issue is whether as a stakeholder in the property who concurrently occupies the office of the PM – does such a person have the capacity to exert a sphere of influence over the affairs of the committee formed under his official purview?* Even if that possibility is remote. That would really be untenable….since no man can be a judge of his own case…neither should only one side of the story be heard only while the other languishes in obscurity….there is something very wrong with the picture….it is not straight. Rather to me at least the picture frame sits very crooked on the wall of public opinion and that is really my point.’

* Let us assume for argument sake Count Dracula is appointed as the CEO of the national blood bank in Singapore. Let us even assume that the Count subsequently appoints a committee comprising of subordinates who report to him who he regularly appraises their annual performance to conduct a feasibility study on whether it might be good idea for the Count to hold the dual role of CFO as well to the blood bank…now the Count can of course put up his hands and say, ‘hey I am not involved….can’t you see this is a panel where I don’t have any involvement in.’

Then again since we all know what sort of beverage the Count likes to consume. We also know happen to know – the reason why he’s called the Count is because he has a very strange way of counting…that’s to say he’s accounting method remains suspect and dubious as even when he’s in the red, it all seems to come up rosy blue….so how wise would it be to allow the Count to form such a committee?

Bear in mind. I never said the Count is sinking his fangs into blood at the National blood bank. But the very fact that by assuming the dual role of the CFO he is able to be a judge of his own case by itself disqualifies the merit of case and renders it spurious…that is all I am saying.

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