On the organs of the state

June 23, 2017

Actually as a farmer who lives all by himself deep in a desolate plantation and never ever goes out at night. I certainly don’t mind certain organs and body parts coming my way. Since there is very little else to do every evening except sew, paint shoes and make moonshine from potatoes
….I really could do with some organs to spice up my life. I am especially fond of the domed shaped organs with the cherry topping.

I also like other organs as well….but I shan’t elaborate too much as I am sure others do too….and I want to be considerate and not cause mass fainting spells.

I just don’t want the evil organs to come my way…should they do so, it is only fair to inform the puppet masters of these unmentionable organs that many powerful and influential corporate and political leaders thru out the world regularly read my blog religiously….Putin for instance is a regular reader of my blog (it is widely known to many of my regular readers I have been extended a red carpet invitation to farm commercially in the Ukraine) so is the premier of China who happens to be a farmer himself along with ten to fifteen world leaders along with many business personalities of impeccable international standing.

The reason why they continue to read my material is because I write it as I see it….honestly….without any form of embellishment and they all enjoy my unique perspective as an autistic person of seeing things, people and events.

Should the organs of the state make my life hellish – I will complain to all these people. Don’t worry it is well known to everyone in the internet as well that I am the biggest cry baby in the world….so should the organs that I don’t like come my way…I will make so much noise and when I do so a lot of powerful personalities will demand to know ‘why are you harassing the poor farmer?’ And that will be the end of these losers.

You have been forewarned. I write whatever I want!….as I see it….if you don’t like it. No need to threaten me. Just do what makes you happy and we will take it from there.

I have a right as a farmer to call a spade a spade!


‘Why do so many captains of industry and world leaders read my blog? Very simple. I always seem to get it right….not all the time. I admit. But enough I believe to be a reliable, steady and dependable and even engaging fire chat companion.

I told them all the TPP is going to run out of petrol and konk out before it reaches the finishing line. This was when all the corporatist were uncorking champagne and breaking out the caviar….and it happened exactly the way I called it. It died!

I told them all that China is going to get mad if she’s pushed to one corner on the SCS like a wounded animal….and she blew her lid so high that it’s now in orbit somewhere in outer space. Again it was spot on! And this was when everyone still believed in the idea that Pax Americana would rule the Pacific.

Long before that I told them all the global balance power would shift impercibly from West to East and that this trend would inexorable and nothing could ever stop. And this was when America and EU looked so self assured and the future seemed so certain that it would have been foolhardy to assume that tomorrow could ever be so different from today….and again I was proven right.

I even told them all that globalisation as an economic theory is seriously flawed as it has a mechanism of self destruction…and I even predicted that once the tipping point between yearning and the inability to fulfill that desire was reached…..a day of reckoning would certainly come and everything that we have come to regard as the only way to reliably make progress in trade and commerce will experience a historical reversal….and this was at a time when everyone spoke as if globalisation and the free market was some Super duper religion that could do no wrong…and again I was proven right again with Brexit and most recently the nomination of Trump as president of the US.

I did all this so many times that finally the really clever people just tuned in – because to them the truth will always command a very high value in a world that is riven with curve balls and the only thing that is certain is more uncertainty.’

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