The Oxley road house of cards

June 24, 2017

The way this national soap opera is proceeding with one repartee lobbed followed by a return along with a host of calefare politicians chipping in their two cents.

As if they possess some rare and exceptional ESP power to read other people’s intentions including showing off to all of us their rare skills in being able to communicate with the dearly departed on the other side (no wonder they are paid so well)….even if LKY’s house is preserved and turned into tourist attraction.

People will not go there to pay homage to the legacy of LKY. Or for that matter to pay respect to the founding Father of Singapore. Instead they will go to see first hand where it all began….the beginning of the end for the Lee family and perhaps even Singapore….and it all started here where the house of cards came tumbling down.


‘This thing will not die down. No. It will not despite my initial hope that someone of considerable maturity and ability to appreciate it’s impact will step in and do the right thing. By my humble estimation. It will certainly get bigger and perhaps uglier. Simply because both sides don’t want to compromise. Each side believes theirs is the only way, the right way and there exist no other way. To exacerbate matters….now all sorts of funny politicians are chipping in their points of view. So now you have a private matter that seems to be increasingly encrusted with elements of officialdom and all this must be quite mind boggling to people who are not so intelligent like myself – all this can only serve to thicken the fog making it harder for the layman to beacon out the murk not to mention adding petrol to an already raging fire. As it will only sharpen the resentment, mistrust and enmity between these two factions and result in both sides digging their heels deeper for what I can only see as a protracted war of attrition that is likely to bleed the morale of the nation.

But a wise man would ask: if the cost of preserving or demolishing the house threatens to destroy a valuable legacy that can nourish the roots of a nation….then what’s it all for?

What after all do these people expect to immortalise for providence after all this fall out? It can’t possibly be the legacy of LKY…..because that would have to go under the wheel for one party to win and the other to lose…so what might it be and the end of the road?

A big nothing!

If this matter is left to me. I would bundle all these people into a helicopter by order of maybe a secret committee and tell them all we are going to examine an alternative site for LKY’s house from the air. Unbeknown to them all another secret committee more secretive than the first will quietly fly to Pedra Blanca. The light house keeper has been sent on a long world cruise by yet another secret committee. When they all alight. I will kick off a crate of canned sardines and pallet of Kong Ghuan biscuits and tell them all – I will be back in a month. Before anyone can raise their hands in protest. I will fly away….full speed so more.

I am very sure at the end of the month when I return to pick them up, this problem would be happily resolved.’

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